Tech enthusiast transforms Wi-Fi toothbrush into playable Doom

  • A programmer and hardware tinkerer has turned a Wi-Fi-enabled toothbrush into a gaming device that can play the classic first-person shooter, Doom
  • Doomguys can use a mouse within a hellish environment scaled down to toothbrush size.

Aaron Christophel, a skilled programmer and hardware enthusiast based in Germany, has ingeniously repurposed a Wi-Fi-enabled toothbrush into a gaming device capable of running the iconic first-person shooter game, Doom.

Inspiration from a misleading report

This intriguing project was initially inspired by a misleading report that falsely claimed three million smart toothbrushes had orchestrated a DDoS attack, allegedly causing substantial financial repercussions in Switzerland. While the reported incident turned out to be unfounded, it sparked Christophel’s fascination with the untapped potential of smart toothbrushes, prompting him to embark on a groundbreaking experiment.

The culmination of Christophel’s efforts resulted in the successful development of a playable version of Doom on a smart toothbrush. Through a captivating video demonstration of the “Doombrush,” Christophel adeptly guides Doomguy’s perspective using a mouse on a downsized portrayal of the game’s infernal landscape within the confines of a toothbrush. The toothbrush itself is powered by a compact ESP32-C3 development board armed with 4MB of flash storage, showcasing the convergence of gaming and household technology.

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Convergence of gaming and household technology

Drawing inspiration from an open-source project by SpritesMods on Github, where Doom was previously adapted for a Christmas tree ornament, Christophel meticulously tailored the game to suit the toothbrush’s unique functionalities. Doom, renowned as a groundbreaking title in the first-person shooter genre, has a rich history of being ported to unconventional devices like an IKEA lamp and a “magic eye” puzzle, underscoring its adaptability and the innovative spirit of its fan base.

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Innovative spirit of Doom enthusiasts

The flexibility and ingenuity demonstrated by Doom enthusiasts have led to a myriad of imaginative and unexpected adaptations of the game, further solidifying its status as a beloved classic in the gaming world. Christophel’s toothbrush project serves as a testament to the enduring appeal and versatility of Doom, showcasing how this legendary game can be seamlessly integrated into everyday objects to inject an element of playfulness and excitement into ordinary routines.

Exploring new avenues in unconventional gaming

This innovative endeavor not only highlights the limitless possibilities of merging technology and gaming but also underscores the immense creativity and resourcefulness within the tech community. Christophel’s inventive project opens up new avenues for exploration in the realm of unconventional gaming experiences, sparking curiosity and inspiration among tech enthusiasts worldwide.


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