Google to give 100,000 Titan security keys to high risk users, take further step away from passwords as security

  • Google’s new Titan security keys are a tentative step toward a world without passwords.
  • Google has said it will commit 100,000 security keys to high-risk users in 2024.

Google has announced a plan to give 100,000 of its new Titan Security Keys to high risk users around the world. The keys offer secure passkey cryptography, NFC capabilities for mobile connections, and storage for over 250 unique passkeys, making them a leading solution among FIDO2 security keys.

Google Titan security keys look ahead

The leakage of personal data is a key cybersecurity issue the biggest organisations are all keen to address. The evolution of mobile payment services has made password theft a significant threat to both information and property security. Google says that eradicating passwords is the optimal approach to reduce the risk of privacy loss.

Passkeys offer a simpler, more efficient, and secure alternative that doesn’t necessitate continuous platform transitions, smartphone dependency, or the use of devices that don’t support passwords for verification code transmission. Consequently, this reduces the potential for personal information breaches by hackers and fraudulent entities.

Google’s latest innovation, the Titan Security Keys, represent a portable hardware solution intended to supersede existing devices. These keys offer NFC capabilities and can store over 250 unique passkeys. With robust account protection, trusted hardware, and broad support, the Titan Security Keys stand as a leading solution in FIDO2 security keys.

Google’s Titan keys offer a more secure way to protect your digital life.

Future adoption of Titan in niche sectors

At the Aspen Cyber Summit held in New York City, Google announced its initiative to distribute 100,000 new security keys, at no cost, to high-risk individuals around the globe by 2024. This initiative is part of Google’s Advanced Protection Program (APP), aimed at safeguarding individuals with high public profiles and sensitive information, such as campaign workers, activists, and journalists, from targeted cyber threats. The objective is to equip these individuals with secure and effective tools at crucial junctures, such as during electoral campaigns. To ensure comprehensive security, Google is collaborating with expert bodies including Access Now, Defending Digital Campaigns, and the International Foundation of Electoral Systems.

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In 2019, Google had to recall and replace its Titan BLE-branded security key due to a flaw identified in its Bluetooth implementation. To prevent such issues from recurring, Google has undertaken a thorough internal security review of the devices. Additionally, it has engaged two external auditors, NCC Group and Ninja Labs, to perform independent evaluations of the new key.


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