Google slashes Pixel Watch price

  • Google has slashed the price of its Pixel Watch range for the festive season, offering deep discounts in the hope of making high-tech products affordable.
  • By offering these discounts, Google is hoping to entice both potential and existing customers to upgrade to the latest model.

Google’s Pixel Watch range, a major contender in the smartwatch industry, has recently become more accessible thanks to significant discounts from a number of retailers. It shows that advanced technology features and affordability can go hand in hand, paving the way for a future where the latest gadgets are accessible to a wider audience.

Affordable high-tech products

In a recent development that is shaking up the tech industry, Google has significantly reduced the price of its Pixel Watch. The move is being hailed as a major shift in the industry’s approach to pricing and accessibility, challenging the notion that high-quality technology must come with a hefty price tag. Google is sending a clear message: high-quality technology doesn’t always have to burn a hole in your wallet.We see Google’s move as a crucial step towards the democratisation of technology. By ensuring that advanced technological features are accessible to a wider audience, Google could pave the way for a new trend in the tech industry where quality technology is seen as a universal right rather than a luxury.

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The Pixel Watch 2: save £50

The Pixel Watch 2, which builds on its forerunner by advancing and refining its features, is presently obtainable at £299.99, consisting of a £50 cutback from the usual price. This reduction can be obtained at primary retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, and Google store, asserting accessibility for a vast range of customers.

Pixel Watch 2 includes new sensors for improved heart rate, skin temperature and stress tracking. It offers 40% more accurate heart rate monitoring during high-intensity activity and improved battery life with a 24-hour always-on display. To appeal to a wider audience, it addresses previous concerns about price and early adoption with a £50 discount, making it more competitive in the market and demonstrating Google’s commitment to widening access to wearable technology.

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Pixel Watch:save £80

Google’s first foray into smartwatch technology, the original Pixel Watch, is now on offer at a tempting £199.99. This price reduction represents a significant cut from its original retail price, making it an appealing choice for tech enthusiasts and Google product aficionados alike.

The initial launch of the original Pixel Watch left a significant impression due to its polished appearance, effortless synchronisation with Google’s ecosystem, and a diverse range of functions that satisfied both casual users and technology enthusiasts alike. The reduction of the watch’s price to below £200 can be viewed as a strategy to release stock before the increased popularity of the newest version. Meanwhile, the move also positions the original Pixel Watch as a valuable choice for those in search of an affordable yet high-quality smartwatch.

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The decision is not only consumer-friendly, but also strategically beneficial for Google.The reduced prices of the first Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 are examples of a bold move by Google to capture a larger share of the smartwatch industry, which is currently led by major players such as Apple and Samsung. By offering these discounts, Google is not only targeting potential customers and fostering a competitive environment in the rapidly evolving smartwatch market, but also motivating current customers to upgrade to the latest model.


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