Mozilla’s new service will wipe your data off the web

  • Mozilla introduces Mozilla Monitor Plus, a paid subscription service monitoring data on 190+ websites.
  • Basic Monitor offers one free scan and monthly data broker scans.
  • Mozilla aims to enhance privacy protection with its reputable services.

Mozilla is rolling out a new paid subscription privacy monitoring service called Mozilla Monitor Plus. It automatically monitors your information on over 190 websites where brokers sell data collected from online sources like social media, apps, and browser trackers, attempting to remove it upon detection. Tony Cinotto, Product Manager of Mozilla Monitor, stated in an email to The Verge that Mozilla is partnering with a company called Onerep to conduct these scans and subsequent removal requests. While processing requests typically takes 7 to 14 days, sometimes the information cannot be removed, though Mozilla will continue attempting and will provide instructions for Plus members to try themselves.

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Mozilla focuses on the privacy services

Basic Monitor members will receive one free scan and one-time clear scan, with ongoing data broker scans monthly, building upon Mozilla Monitor’s (formerly Firefox Monitor) free dark web monitoring service introduced by Mozilla in 2018. Over the past few years, Mozilla has also offered other privacy-focused services like Mozilla VPN and Firefox Relay. Mozilla states that its data broker scans can find detailed information such as your name, current and past addresses, and even delve into criminal history, hobbies, or your child’s school district.

Such services are quite common but often poorly understood by most people, and searching for them may lead to some fraudulent scam sites rather than legitimate service providers like DeleteMe. It’s challenging to identify trustworthy companies, which is where Mozilla, as a reputation for being a privacy-focused subsidiary of the open-source nonprofit organisation Mozilla Foundation, can offer assistance. Mozilla Monitor Plus is now priced at $8.99 per month, while the standard version of Mozilla Monitor remains free.


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