Digital Realty launches direct liquid cooling for high-density configurations

  • The new offering from Digital Realty builds upon the company’s standardised high-density colocation offering by introducing direct liquid cooling (DLC). This brings liquid directly to customers’ infrastructure.
  • This approach enables businesses to deploy high-density configurations within a shared environment, near the cloud, network and AI service providers.
  • Digital Realty also said it allows its customers the flexibility to accommodate the distinct needs of individual setups.

Digital Realty’s latest offering enhances their standard high-density colocation service by introducing direct liquid cooling (DLC), which delivers liquid directly to customers’ infrastructure. This enables businesses to deploy high-density configurations within a shared environment, near cloud, network, and AI service providers. Digital Realty emphasizes that this approach offers customers flexibility to cater to individual setup needs.

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Digital Realty bets on liquid-to-chip technology

“We’re proud to align with our customers in evolving their infrastructure to support this cutting-edge liquid-to-chip technology, enabling them to land and expand their deployments efficiently and redefine what’s possible in the digital age, said Digital Realty’s CEO, Chris Sharp.

“With this cutting-edge liquid-to-chip cooling technology, we’re not just setting a new standard for high-density deployment support, we’re revolutionising the digital infrastructure landscape,” Sharp added.

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Private AI Exchange

Digital Realty has introduced the Private AI Exchange (AIPx), expanding data exchange options for DLC-enabled solutions. Their advanced high-density deployment supports power densities from 30 to 150 kilowatts per rack and beyond, utilizing solutions like rear door heat exchangers (RDHx) and DLC. This combination doubles supported power densities, aiding enterprises in adopting AI through private, cloud, and hybrid solutions. Deployment options are available in over half of Digital Realty’s global data centers, with plans for further expansion. Sean Graham from IDC commends Digital Realty’s high-density colocation offering, noting its ability to accelerate time-to-value for AI investments without extensive capital projects.


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