Top tech stories today: January 15, 2024

Skip the hassle of searching online! We’ve rounded up the must-know global tech updates for January 15, 2024, keeping you in the loop. Stay effortlessly informed!

1. CES 2024 is not the year of the AI gadget

CES 2024 falls short of the expected Generative AI hype. Companies struggled to translate ChatGPT’s excitement into gadgets, with AI devices like Humane’s facing layoffs. The auto industry embraced AI, while next year’s CES may spotlight more generative AI products. (Reuters)

2. CES PC makers bet on AI to rekindle sales

CES 2024 showcases PC makers integrating AI features, particularly “neural processing units” (NPUs), to entice consumers into upgrading higher-end laptops. Companies like Dell, Lenovo, AMD, and Intel aim to tap into the AI trend, potentially challenging Apple’s market share. (Reuters)

3. CoinShares to acquire Valkyrie Funds after US spot bitcoin ETF approval

CoinShares International exercises an option to acquire Valkyrie Funds after the U.S. SEC approves Valkyrie’s spot bitcoin ETF. The acquisition involves approximately $110 million in assets under management from Valkyrie’s ETFs. (Reuters)

4. Bitwise bitcoin ETF draws most inflows on first trading day, company says

Bitwise’s spot bitcoin ETF attracted $240 million on its first trading day, the highest among the 10 ETFs that debuted. Total trading across all products reached $4.6 billion on Thursday. (Reuters)

5. Mitsubishi Heavy launches H-IIA rocket carrying Japan’s spy satellite

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) successfully launched the H-IIA rocket carrying Japan’s Information-Gathering Satellite (IGS) “Optical-8”. This marks the 48th launch of Japan’s flagship H-IIA rocket, achieving a success rate of 97.92%. (Reuters)

6. Stellantis to invest in French sodium-ion battery maker for EV output

Stellantis is investing in French sodium-ion battery startup Tiamat, part of Tiamat’s initial fundraising of €150 million. The funds will support the construction of a battery factory in northern France, aiming for an initial capacity of 0.7 gigawatt-hours by 2026. Tiamat’s sodium-ion batteries offer a more sustainable and affordable alternative to lithium-ion batteries. (Reuters)

7. FedEx is launching a new e-commerce platform as it competes with Amazon

FedEx is launching a data-driven commerce platform, “fdx,” in fall 2024, providing end-to-end e-commerce solutions. The platform aims to enhance supply chain management and compete with Amazon, offering more efficient deliveries and a custom post-purchase experience for brands to provide accurate shipment information. (the Verge)

8. Apple asks its San Diego Siri quality control team to relocate to Texas

Apple directs its San Diego Siri team to move to Texas, merging with an Austin team. Those declining risk job loss. Apple offers relocation stipends and severance packages, highlighting its AI ambitions. (the Verge)


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