Top tech stories today: December 5, 2023

No time to scour the web for the stories that matter? We’ve done that so you don’t have to.

Here are the top technology stories around the world for December 5, 2023.

  1. Electric cars face more problems, but not because they’re electric

    The challenges faced by electric cars, debunking the misconception that their issues are inherently linked to their electric nature. It delves into the complexities of the automotive industry. (CNN)

  2. WhatsApp users on iPhone can share photos and videos in original quality

    iPhone users on WhatsApp can now share photos and videos in their original quality, a feature rolling out to enhance media-sharing capabilities. (ZDNet)

  3. ExpressVPN launches Apple TV app with VPN support

    ExpressVPN introduces an Apple TV app with VPN support, enhancing privacy and security for users accessing content on the popular streaming platform. (The Verge)

  4. TikTok expands Ticketmaster ticketing integration

    TikTok expands its collaboration with Ticketmaster, allowing users in select countries to purchase event tickets directly through the social media app. (Yahoo Finance)

  5. Google Pixel Watch and Amazon Echo Dot among tech deals

    A roundup of tech deals includes discounts on the Google Pixel Watch, Amazon Echo Dot, Tunic game, and Nintendo Switch, offering opportunities for tech enthusiasts to make savings. (The Verge)

  6. Verizon announces Netflix Max streaming bundle

    Verizon announces a streaming bundle, Netflix Max, for its customers, providing additional entertainment options and showcasing collaborations between telecom and streaming services. (Reuters)

  7. KISS will continue to rock on as virtual avatars

    After iconic rock outfit KISS held its final live performance in Madison Square Garden on Saturday, the band reveals they will continue to live on as avatars – the latest high-profile group to adopt to the tech. (Mashable)

  8. Ecosia launches green AI chatbot for tree-planting search engine

    Ecosia, the tree-planting search engine, launches a green AI chatbot, showcasing how technology can contribute to environmental initiatives and sustainable practices. (The Next Web)

  9. Inside America’s school internet censorship machine

    An investigative piece delves into the internet censorship measures within America’s school systems, shedding light on the complexities and implications of online content filtering in educational environments. (Wired)

  10. Windows 12 release date pegged to June 2024

    Rumours swirl that Windows 12 is slated for release in June 2024, offering a potential timeline for the next iteration of Microsoft’s operating system. (PC Gamer)

  11. IBM showcases quantum computing chip

    IBM showcases its quantum computing chip, named “Heron,” highlighting advancements in quantum technology and the ongoing development of powerful computing systems. (IT News)

  12. Verizon selects Ericsson for new US telecom network

    Verizon chooses Ericsson for its new US telecom network, signaling a shift from Nokia and marking a significant milestone in the evolution of telecommunications technology. (Reuters)

  13. UK porn watchers could have faces scanned

    The UK considers using AI to judge if users are of legal age to watch porn, exploring technological solutions to enforce age restrictions on explicit content. (TBS News)

  14. Intel wins US appeal to overturn $2.18 billion VLSI patent verdict

    Intel successfully appeals to overturn a $2.18 billion VLSI patent verdict, marking a significant development in the legal history of US patent law. (Reuters)

  15. Singapore aims to triple AI talent to 15,000 experts

    Singapore announces plans to triple its AI talent pool to 15,000 experts, reflecting the country’s commitment to advancing artificial intelligence and technology capabilities. (Economic Times)

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