Top tech stories today: 15 Dec, 2023

No need to sift through the web for crucial stories – we’ve got you covered. Here are the key global technology highlights for December 15, 2023.

1. Intel says dozens of PC makers are using its new AI-enabled chip

Intel claimed on Dec. 14 that dozens of PC makers are using its latest chips, as the company and its customers try to entice consumers to upgrade their computers for a new era of chatbots.Intel’s shares rose as much as 3.6 per cent on news that laptops from Dell Technologies, Microsoft, Lenovo Group and others would come with new features.” This will be a highlight of the year ahead,” Intel Chief Executive Pat Gelsinger said at the event. (Reuters)

2. Intel chief ready to go it alone on chip manufacturing

Intel CEO Gelsinger said Thursday the company without stripping chip foundry business plan, he will shift the Intel’s manufacturing sector now Intel OEM service (IFS), as Intel’s internal operations.

“We think the idea of an in-house contract model is the right one in the current environment,” Gelsinger told Reuters in an interview.(Reuters)

3. Tim Cook is risking his legacy on a pricey product in an unproven market

The Vision Pro will be the riskiest product Apple has launched in years, which is why Tim Cook is listed by CNN Business as one of its 2023 risk takers. Now, he must prove that a blend of the virtual reality and augmented reality equipment is indeed the future of the computer. Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes virtual images on live video of the real world. In a demo hall at Apple headquarters, he unveiled the Vision Pro mixed reality headset in June. (CNN News)

4. SpaceX gets US approval for direct-to-cell tests

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Thursday approved authorizing Elon Musk SpaceX to run tests for its direct-to-cellular system. The Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday reaffirmed its 2022 decision to deny $885.5 million in rural broadband subsidies to SpaceX’s satellite Internet unit, Starlink. (Reuters)

5. Google to test new feature limiting advertisers’ use of browser tracking cookies

Google Inc said Thursday it will begin testing a new feature on its Chrome browser as part of a plan to ban third-party cookies that advertisers use to track consumers.Google plans to completely phase out the use of third-party cookies for users in the second half of 2024. However, Google said it still had to address antitrust concerns raised by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).(Reuters)

6. Google unveils MedLM, a family of healthcare-focused generative AI models

Today, the company announced MedLM, a family of models fine-tuned for the medical industries. Google thinks that there’s an opportunity to offload more healthcare tasks to generative AI models — or at least, an opportunity to recruit those models to aid healthcare workers in completing their tasks.(Yahoo Finance)

7. GM announces Cadillac Vistiq, a midsize electric SUV coming in 2025

The three-row SUV is expected to go on sale sometime in 2025 as a 2026 model. It will also join Cadillac’s growing lineup of zero-emission vehicles by joining the entry-level Optiq. “VISTIQ adds another compelling electric vehicle to the Cadillac lineup and reinforces our commitment to an electric future,” said John Ross, global vice president of Cadillac. ” (The Verge)

8. Elon Musk wants to open a university in Texas

Elon Musk plans to open a university in Austin, Texas, Bloomberg reported. According to a tax filing from Musk’s charity, The Foundation, the billionaire wants to donate $100 million to build STEM-focused elementary and middle schools and then open a university ” dedicated to the highest level of education.” The college will also seek accreditation from the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. (The Verge)

9. A new Pixel mode can protect your data while your device is being repaired

Google announced a new Pixel mobile phone function, aimed at ensuring the safety of your data in the repair shop. By activating this feature, you can prevent technicians from deleting and restoring your data during repairs, while making it easier for them to run diagnostics. Google points out, it can also protect your data from potential.(Yahoo Finance)

10. JPMorgan names Amazon, Google as ‘top picks’ for 2024 stocks

This year, mega-cap stocks led by Magnificent Seven have dominated the market action around artificial intelligence, and fears of rising interest rates have sent investors flocking to established tech companies.Looking ahead to the New Year, JPMorgan is proving there’s still room to make money in these highly valued stocks, and has named some of this year’s big winners as the best stocks to buy in 2024.(Yahoo Finance)


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