TikTok is reshaping how we experience live events for the better

  • TikTok&Ticketmaster Partnership Expands into Over 20 New Markets, Enhancing Global Live Event Accessibility.
  • Seamless In-App Ticket Purchasing Experience for Fans to Attend Live Events, Directly Through TikTok”
  • The partnership between TikTok and Ticketmaster is revolutionizing music promotion by democratizing the industry and empowering new artists with widespread exposure and growth opportunities.

TikTok and Ticketmaster are expanding their ticketing partnership to over 20 new markets, including the UK. This partnership represents a shift in the role of social media platforms in event organization and ticket sales, potentially transforming the live event experience in the digital age.

A special interpretation: empowering the next generation of artists

The partnership between TikTok and Ticketmaster is more than a business collaboration; it’s a cultural phenomenon that is empowering the next generation of artists, with many singers and actors also using TikTok to promote their work during promotional periods. The ‘viral’ spread of TikTok, like the hand gesture dance challenge, always brings quick and widespread exposure to the work. In Korea, the popularity of Tiktok songs has even become one of the criteria for ranking songs. By tapping into TikTok’s massive and diverse user base, emerging artists gain unprecedented exposure and opportunities to grow their careers. This democratisation of music promotion is shifting the power dynamics in the industry, making it more accessible and inclusive.

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TikTok is entering new areas of entertainment.

A new era for artists and fans

December4,2023 – In an unprecedented move, TikTok and Ticketmaster have announced the expansion of their groundbreaking ticketing partnership beyond the United States to more than 20 new markets. This expansion includes key countries such as the UK, Ireland, Australia and several European nations, marking a significant step in the evolution of digital event ticketing.

At the heart of this partnership is the goal of bridging the gap between artists and their fans. With this expansion, TikTok’s certified artists in these new markets can now integrate Ticketmaster’s ticketing functionality into their content. This symbiosis not only extends the reach of artists – both emerging and established – but also simplifies the process for music fans to discover and purchase tickets to events.

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From screen to stage

The integration of Ticketmaster into TikTok is a game changer. Music fans can now effortlessly go from enjoying a snippet of their favourite artist’s performance on TikTok to securing a seat at their live event, all with a few clicks in the app.

Since its beta launch in the US in 2022, the partnership has seen significant success. Artists such as Niall Horan and Shania Twain have benefited from the feature, using it to increase ticket sales and engagement. The staggering 2.5 billion views of videos using this feature underline its impact.

The future of live events

Looking ahead, this partnership paints an exciting picture for the live events industry. we believe that it heralds a new era in which social media platforms can become not only an important part of event organisation and ticket sales, but also an enabler for artists and artistic events. The success of this partnership could inspire similar initiatives across different entertainment sectors, reshaping the way we experience live events in the digital age.


Coco Yao

Coco Yao was an intern reporter at BTW media covering artificial intelligence and media. She is studying broadcasting and hosting at the Communication School of Zhejiang.

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