Top tech news today: June 10, 2024

Xbox Games Showcase: Microsoft Unveils Latest Titles

Microsoft wows gamers with a slew of new titles at the Xbox Games Showcase. From cutting-edge graphics to captivating storylines, the event sets the stage for an exciting year in gaming. Read more

Tech Giants Snowflake, Ticketmaster, LendingTree Face Data Breach

Snowflake, Ticketmaster, and LendingTree confront a massive customer data breach. The incident raises concerns over data privacy and security as tech companies scramble to address vulnerabilities. Read more

HP CEO Sounds Alarm on Printed Pages Crisis

HP’s CEO warns of a looming crisis as printed pages decline. Amidst the digital age, HP faces challenges in adapting its business model to shifting consumer behaviors. Read more

Behind the Blog: Navigating Cycles of Access and Sensitive Sourcing

A deep dive into the world of blogging reveals the complexities of sourcing sensitive information ethically. Bloggers grapple with maintaining access while upholding journalistic integrity. Read more

Last Chance: Best Buy’s Apple Sale Ends Today

Tech enthusiasts rush to seize deals on Apple products as Best Buy’s sale draws to a close. From iPhones to iPads, shoppers have one last chance to snag discounted Apple gear. Read more

James Webb Space Telescope: A Glimpse into Habitable Planets

As the James Webb Space Telescope prepares for launch, scientists anticipate groundbreaking discoveries that could reveal habitable planets and even signs of extraterrestrial life. Read more

Exploring Alternatives: Best iPhone Alternatives for Non-Apple Fans

For those seeking alternatives to Apple, a roundup of top-notch smartphones offers features and innovation rivaling the iPhone. From Android to Windows, diverse options cater to different preferences. Read more

WWDC 2024: Anticipating Apple’s Keynote and How to Tune In

Tech enthusiasts gear up for Apple’s WWDC 2024 keynote, expecting announcements on the latest software updates and innovations. Here’s how to catch the event live. Read more

NXP Plans Singapore Plant Amidst China Tensions

Chip giant NXP announces plans to establish a plant in Singapore amidst escalating tensions with China. The move reflects broader geopolitical shifts in the tech manufacturing landscape. Read more

The Rise of Drone Police: Transforming Law Enforcement

Drones are reshaping law enforcement as departments worldwide integrate unmanned aerial vehicles for surveillance and crime prevention. Experts debate the implications of this technological advancement. Read more

AI in Propaganda: The Need for Transparency in Tech

As AI becomes a tool for propagandists, tech companies face mounting pressure to be transparent about their AI usage. Ethical considerations abound in the age of AI-driven misinformation. Read more


James Durston

James Durston is the Editor-in-Chief for Blue Tech Wave, and a former editor and journalist for some of the world's biggest international media organisations.

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