ExpressVPN releases a new native VPN app for Apple TV 

  • ExpressVPN has released an all-new app for Apple TV, allowing users to watch their favorite content while enjoying privacy and security benefits.
  • The app offers a seamless sign-in experience, dark mode, and an improved server-location menu for easier navigation. These features are also available in the updated version of ExpressVPN for Android TV.

What happened? 

ExpressVPN has launched a new app for Apple TV, providing users with an enhanced streaming experience while ensuring privacy and security. The app allows users to connect to servers in 105 countries, offering a wide range of content options.

Signing in is made easy with the option to scan a QR code or enter details using the remote control. The app is powered by Lightway, ExpressVPN’s modern VPN protocol, ensuring reliable and fast speeds. Additionally, ExpressVPN has also made improvements to its Android TV app, including a seamless sign-in experience, dark mode, and an improved server-location menu.

These updates are part of ExpressVPN’s commitment to continuously enhancing its services. The Apple TV app joins the existing range of native ExpressVPN apps for various platforms, all included in the subscription. Users can also utilize Aircove, ExpressVPN’s Wi-Fi router, to extend VPN coverage to devices without native VPN app support.

ExpressVPN releases a new native VPN app for Apple TV.

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What do people think? 

Positive Views:

  1. Enhanced Privacy and Security: Many users may view the release positively, as it offers an additional layer of privacy and security when streaming content on Apple TV. ExpressVPN’s reputation for strong encryption and privacy measures can be seen as a significant advantage.
  2. Access to Geo-Restricted Content: Some users may welcome the ability to access geo-restricted content by using a VPN on Apple TV. This can allow them to enjoy a broader range of streaming services and content libraries.
  3. User-Friendly Experience: Positive views might emphasize the user-friendliness of the native VPN app, making it easier for individuals to set up and use a VPN on their Apple TV devices without technical expertise.
  4. Reliable Performance: If the VPN app offers stable and high-speed connections, users may appreciate it for uninterrupted streaming and browsing experiences.
  5. Compatibility: Users with various Apple TV models may see this as a positive development if the app is compatible with a wide range of devices.

ExpressVPN launches Apple TV app.
ExpressVPN launches Apple TV app.

Negative Views:

  1. Subscription Costs: Some individuals may view the release negatively if they are already paying for an ExpressVPN subscription and consider the additional cost for an Apple TV app as an extra expense.
  2. Performance Concerns: Negative views could arise if the VPN app doesn’t provide the expected speed and performance, leading to buffering or degraded streaming quality.
  3. Technical Issues: Users might express frustration if they encounter technical glitches, such as difficulties in configuring or connecting to the VPN on Apple TV.
  4. Potential Blocks: Some streaming services are known to block VPNs, and users may be skeptical about the app’s effectiveness in bypassing geo-restrictions over time.
  5. Privacy Concerns: While VPNs are generally used for privacy, some users might express concerns about the privacy practices of the VPN provider itself, particularly if it logs user data.

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How to use it? 

ExpressVPN comes to the Apple TV. 
ExpressVPN comes to the Apple TV. 

ExpressVPN has released its app for tvOS, allowing Apple TV users to connect to servers in 105 countries and watch region-locked content . To use ExpressVPN on your Apple TV, you can install it on your Wi-Fi router. This way, all devices connected to your router, including your Apple TV, will be protected by the VPN . Alternatively, you can use ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer service, which is included in your subscription and can deliver an enhanced viewing experience no matter where you are in the world. You can find detailed instructions on how to set up ExpressVPN on your Apple TV in the support guide provided by ExpressVPN .


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