GlobalNet reveals fresh Point of Presence in Warsaw

  • GlobalNet, an Internet Service Provider, inaugurates its first Point of Presence (PoP) in Warsaw, Poland, positioned at the Equinix WA1 data centre.
  • The expansion into Warsaw marks GlobalNet’s third venture in Central Europe, signalling a strategic commitment to fortifying its network infrastructure in the region.
  • The Warsaw PoP offers a comprehensive range of connectivity options, including IP-Transit and DATAIX services, with diverse port capacities from 1G to 100G, aimed at facilitating seamless connectivity across Europe.

GlobalNet, an Internet Service Provider, has unveiled its latest Point of Presence (PoP) in Warsaw, Poland. This strategic move, situated at the Equinix WA1 data centre on Aleje Jerozolimskie 65/79, marks GlobalNet’s inaugural venture into Poland and its third expansion in Central Europe, following a recent launch in Berlin.

Expanding network reach

GlobalNet, an Internet Service Provider launched a new PoP in the capital of Poland, which is based at Equinix WA1 data centre (Aleje Jerozolimskie 65/79, Warsaw, Poland). The new PoP in Warsaw signifies GlobalNet’s dedication to fortifying its network infrastructure throughout Central Europe. By establishing a pivotal hub in Poland’s capital, the company aims to facilitate seamless connectivity across Northern, Western, Central, and Eastern European regions. This expansion builds upon GlobalNet’s European backbone, which already spans key cities including Stockholm, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Berlin.

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Enhanced service

GlobalNet’s Warsaw PoP will provide a comprehensive range of connectivity options, including IP-Transit and DATAIX services, accessible through 1G, 10G, 40G, and 100G ports.  The Berlin-Warsaw route promises to introduce novel transport avenues within the region, bolstering GlobalNet’s commitment to delivering efficient, high-speed connectivity across Europe. The Warsaw PoP will enhance access to both international and local traffic for GlobalNet’s existing and prospective members, leveraging DATAIX‘s international distributed peering network.

“The new PoP not only strengthens our network but also enhances our ability to deliver high-speed Internet access and connectivity with full channel redundancy across Europe,” said Surkoff.

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Future prospects and commitment

GlobalNet’s Business Development Director, Alex Surkoff, expressed optimism about the venture, citing significant interest in GlobalNet’s services within Poland and surrounding regions. Surkoff emphasised the potential for further expansion, highlighting the company’s commitment to enhancing connectivity and digital service capabilities across Europe and Asia.

“GlobalNet sees great potential in developing its network in Central Europe. This is an important step for us as we intend to expand our network throughout Poland and other countries in the region. We see a noticeable interest in our services among current and potential DATAIX members, which is why we decided to deploy our 69th Point of Presence in the Warsaw data centre. The new connection in Poland’s capital will enable GlobalNet to interconnect the Northern, Western, Central, and Eastern European regions through a single DWDM system,” said Alex Surkoff, Business Development Director at GlobNet.


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