Silicon Valley’s dark fibre: Cologix & Bandwidth IG team up

  • Cologix and Bandwidth IG partner to introduce dark fibre connectivity at SV1 data centre, addressing high-capacity network demands in Silicon Valley.
  • Collaboration aims to provide mission-critical dark fibre services, enhancing interconnection across San Francisco Bay area and beyond.
  • SV1 data centre offers secure facilities with more than 15 unique networks, meeting ISO and compliance standards, while Cologix plans to introduce AWS Outposts in Vancouver.

Cologix SV1 data centre in Silicon Valley

Cologix has joined forces with Bandwidth IG to bring dark fibre connectivity at its SV1 data centre in Silicon Valley. This collaboration enables businesses to meet their high-capacity network requirements with optimal speed, reliability, and scalability.

Bruce Garrison, CEO of Bandwidth IG, emphasized the increasing demand for dark fibre services and the necessity for diverse routes. Through this partnership, they aim to deliver mission-critical dark fibre to the highly sought-after data centre environment of Cologix, providing interconnection across the San Francisco Bay area and beyond.

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With SV1 situated in Silicon Valley, the partnership addresses the rising demand for connectivity driven by the surge in AI applications and interconnected IoT devices. Bandwidth IG’s dark fibre solutions facilitate connectivity between facilities and providers.

SV1, spanning 84,000 square feet within a secure five-acre data centre campus, offers more than 15 unique networks. It is ISO 27001 certified and compliant with HIPAA, SOC1, SOC2, and PCI standards.

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Peg Hallberg, head of product at Cologix, highlighted their commitment to providing solutions for interconnection strategies in Silicon Valley and beyond. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for the Silicon Valley data centre market, offering unprecedented high-capacity network solutions to customers seeking reliable, scalable, and high-speed connectivity options.

In other developments, Cologix recently announced plans to introduce AWS Outposts to its data centres in Vancouver, Canada, enabling customers to deploy AWS Outposts at VAN3, the region’s largest digital edge data centre.


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