Apple to launch Android TV+ app to expand streaming service

  • Apple is developing a TV+ app for Android, aiming to expand its video streaming service to the rival platform.
  • The move highlights Apple’s strategy to increase market share and user base, given Android’s global dominance with over 3 billion devices.
  • This development marks a shift in Apple’s approach, traditionally reserved for its ecosystem, as it seeks growth in service revenue.

Apple Inc. is developing a TV+ app for Android devices, signaling a major expansion of its streaming service to a rival platform. This move indicates Apple’s intent to grow its market share and user base in the video streaming industry.

Job listing and development plans

In a recent job listing, Apple announced its search for a senior engineer to help build a sophisticated TV+ application for Android. The company aims to introduce “fun new features” and enhance the app to attract millions of users. Apple has yet to comment on this development.

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Strategic implications

Apple’s decision to create an Android app reflects its strategy to capture a larger audience in the streaming market. Although Apple Music is available on Android, other popular Apple services like FaceTime and iMessage remain exclusive to iOS. The company has historically avoided developing software for Google’s operating system, making this a notable shift.

Current TV+ landscape

Since its launch in 2019, Apple TV+ has aimed to compete with giants like Netflix and Disney+. Despite significant investments in original content and notable achievements, such as a best picture Oscar in 2022, Apple has not disclosed subscriber numbers or revenue details for TV+. Expanding to Android could tap into a vast potential viewer base.

Android’s market potential

Android powers over 3 billion devices globally, compared to Apple’s 2.2 billion active devices, primarily iPhones. By making TV+ available on Android, Apple can reach a much larger audience, which aligns with its goal to maximise the service’s accessibility.

Previous platform expansions

Apple has already extended TV+ to various platforms, including smart TVs, Roku, Amazon streaming devices, and game consoles. The service is available on Google Chromecast and many smart TVs running Android, but this new development suggests a more comprehensive approach to the Android ecosystem.

Broader service strategy

This move is part of Apple’s broader shift towards increasing its services revenue, which includes recent standalone apps for Windows and a general push to make its services more platform-agnostic. The company has also raised the price of TV+ to $9.99 per month, doubling the original rate.Apple’s development of a TV+ app for Android represents a strategic effort to grow its streaming service by tapping into a larger, global audience. This expansion aligns with the company’s broader focus on boosting service revenues and adapting to changing market dynamics.


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