RIPE 88 kicks off in Kraków with questions around RIPE’s future

  • RIPE 88 kicks off in Kraków and online, the 35th anniversary of the RIPE Meeting, running from May 20 to 24, 2024.
  • RIPE 88 sessions tackle IPv6, database management, open source, and routing, including a key session by the RIPE NCC Services Working Group open to all attendees.
  • Event marked by calls for a significant restructuring of the RIPE NCC as it plans for the future, and continued haggling over the incoming charging scheme for members.

RIPE 88 has officially commenced both in Kraków and virtually, held by Réseaux IP Européens (RIPE). The five-day meeting, running from May 20 to 24, 2024, also marks the 35th anniversary of the inaugural RIPE Meeting.

Key sessions at RIPE 88

RIPE 88’s agenda includes discussions on IPv6, the database, open source, routing, and more. A key session is the RIPE NCC Services Working Group, part of the RIPE NCC’s reporting for the General Meeting.

Of key interest was one BOF session led by Remco van Mook, Executive Board Member and Connect Working Group Chair, who raised questions about RIPE NCCS’s future, and whether it was adequately structured to execute and administer all its functions looking ahead. Summarising an article he had written weeks previously on the RIPE Labs website, van Mook said: “The stakes are much higher for RIRs these days, and so are the risks. We have already seen what happens when an RIR is faced with serious legal and financial challenges through the troubles of our sister RIR, AFRINIC. Their problems should concern us as well.”

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The General Meeting featured several important items, including a report from the Executive Board and a presentation by the Chair of the RIPE NCC Executive Board followed by an open mic session, allowing members to pose questions and offer feedback to the Executive Board.

The charging scheme, presented by Raymond Jetten, Executive Board Member and Treasurer, was of particular interest, offering 3 options for a vote, the results of which will be announced on May 23.

Additionally, Maksym Tuliev, leader from Netassist SL, presented on maintaining the current billing scheme for the next year. The agenda will also include the RIPE NCC Executive Board Election, where candidates for two seats on the board will be introduced.

Finally, candidates up for election to the RIPE NCC Executive Board played their remarks on video. Voting took pace and the results will again be announced on My 23.

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RIPE targets balanced budget

RIPE released its RIPE NCC Annual Report 2023 and Financial Report 2023 on April 18. Despite inflation and geopolitical challenges, RIPE aims for a balanced 2024 budget, projecting €38 million ($41.04 million) in income against €38.2 million in expenses, with an expected decline in LIR accounts.

Additionally, the RIPE NCC Executive Board proposed three fee increase options for the 2025 Charging Scheme, inviting community votes. Each option aims to generate €41.1 million ($44.39 million) to fund activities, with further details to be discussed during RIPE 88.


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