Who is Lior Yogev? CEO of FundGuard is an instrumental fintech innovator

  • Lior Yogev is a visionary leader in the financial technology sector, renowned for groundbreaking contributions to investment management solutions.
  • Co-founder and CEO of FundGuard, driving innovation and shaping the future of the industry.
  • Previously, she served as Head of North America at Multifonds, specialising in delivering asset management solutions to large banks and asset managers.

Lior Yogev is a visionary leader in the financial technology sector, renowned for his groundbreaking contributions to investment management solutions. With a career spanning over two decades, Lior Yogev has established himself as a key player in revolutionising the way financial institutions navigate the complexities of asset management. As the CEO and co-founder of FundGuard, Lior Yogev has been instrumental in driving innovation and shaping the future of the industry. Having previously served as the Head of North America at Multifonds, where he specialised in delivering sophisticated asset management solutions to large banks and asset managers, Lior Yogev brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his current role at FundGuard. 


Lior Yogev, a seasoned financial technology leader, has established himself as a trailblazer in the industry. He served as the Head of North America at Multifonds, a leading provider of asset management technology solutions. Yogev’s expertise in delivering tailored solutions to large banks and asset managers made him a trusted advisor and expert in the field. He also led initiatives to enhance operational efficiency, streamline processes, and leverage technology for innovation in asset management. 

With a strong background in asset management technology and a keen eye for emerging opportunities, Yogev co-founded FundGuard, a fintech company dedicated to revolutionising investment management. His vision and commitment to change have shaped the direction of FundGuard, positioning the company as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving fintech landscape.

Contributions to the fintech industry

Lior Yogev has made significant contributions to the FinTech industry through innovative investment management technology solutions. Streamlining the asset management process and enabling financial institutions to make data-driven decisions, automate manual tasks, and optimise investment strategies, Yogev’s focus on transparency, compliance, and risk management sets a new standard for the industry, ensuring that financial institutions have the tools they need to navigate a complex regulatory environment. His focus on robust, secure, and scalable solutions has earned him accolades for delivering trust and reliability in the FinTech space.

FundGuard’s strategic vision and ability to anticipate market trends have made FundGuard a trailblazer in the FinTech space. Staying at the forefront of technology and pushing the boundaries of what is possible has made FundGuard a trusted partner for financial institutions seeking to modernise their asset management business and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving industry. 

Financial technology industry

FundGuard: Revolutionising investment management

FundGuard, led by CEO and co-founder Lior Yogev, is a pioneering force in investment management technology. The company specialises in delivering next-generation solutions that optimise operations, mitigate risks, and enhance competitiveness. Utilising advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain, FundGuard offers a suite of products to streamline asset management processes and drive insights for better decision-making.

One of FundGuard’s key differences is its focus on transparency, efficiency, and scalability. It provides real-time visibility into investment portfolios, enabling financial institutions to monitor performance, assess risks, and ensure regulatory compliance. This level of transparency and control is essential in today’s fast-paced and highly regulated environment.

The exceptional team at FundGuard has developed a unique, cutting-edge technology platform over the last five years, empowering asset managers and fund administrators with a timely, accurate, and cost-efficient solution to support their investment accounting operation

Amit Pilowsky, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

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FundGuard’s commitment to innovation is fueled by a customer-centric approach that prioritises collaboration, customisation, and continuous improvement. Lior Yogev and his team work closely with clients to understand their unique challenges and tailor solutions that address their specific needs.

Lior Yogev’s expertise and vision

Lior Yogev, a prominent figure in the fintech industry, is known for his expertise in asset management technology solutions and market dynamics. His deep knowledge spans asset management, risk management, compliance, and technology integration, enabling him to navigate the complexities of the industry and drive meaningful change. As the CEO and co-founder of FundGuard, Yogev has developed cutting-edge investment management technology solutions that address the evolving needs of financial institutions. 

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Yogev’s vision for the future of investment management technology is characterised by transparency, efficiency, and scalability. He envisions a future where financial institutions can optimise their operations, make data-driven decisions, and adapt to market changes with agility and confidence. His vision extends beyond technology to encompass a broader mission of driving positive change and reshaping the financial landscape for the better.

Achievements and recognition

With their support and partnership, and the continued dedication of our existing investors and talented team, FundGuard is poised for continued growth and market expansion.”

John Lehner, President, FundGuard

Lior Yogev is a trailblazer in the fintech industry, known for his leadership, innovation, and contributions to the industry. He has established FundGuard as a leading provider of investment management technology solutions, achieving significant milestones such as cutting-edge platforms, successful client implementations, and expansion into new markets.

Yogev’s strategic vision and innovative solutions have been recognised by industry peers and experts, earning him accolades and prestigious awards for his contributions to the fintech sector. His commitment to driving change, pushing technology boundaries, and delivering value to clients has been recognised by the industry at large.

In addition to his professional achievements, Yogev’s thought leadership and industry insights have earned him a reputation as a respected authority in the fintech space. Through speaking engagements, panel discussions, and publications, he has shared his expertise with a global audience, contributing to the ongoing dialogue around innovation, technology, and the future of finance.


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