Who is Pawel Czech? Co-founder of New Native was a 2023 Europas winner

  • Pawel graduated from Uniwersytet Gdański. He had a master’s degree in science, Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services. Now he serves as the co-founder of New Native.
  • “New Native, recipient of the AI Startup of the Year 2023 accolade, operates a leading AI platform facilitating the aggregation and distribution of diverse AI technologies for business and user applications, alongside proprietary AI application development targeted at corporate, technological, financial, and governmental sectors.”
  • Pawel has led market entry for three global tech companies into 45 countries. He specialises in helping prepare companies to scale into multiple markets with a full stack offer. 

With a proven track record of dominating global search results in AI Hackathons and an ambitious revenue target of USD 30M by 2025, Pawel is spearheading New Native‘s mission to revolutionise the integration of AI across diverse organisational lifecycles. As the driving force behind the company’s end-to-end vision, Pawel strategically curates AI technologies to empower users in swiftly assembling talent, prototyping AI products, and transitioning from research to production. By fostering collaborative environments and providing comprehensive toolkits, Pawel ensures rapid AI R&D and seamless transition to market-ready solutions, cementing New Native’s position as a frontrunner in solving complex challenges through AI innovation.

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Get to know Pawel Czech

Pawel possesses a remarkable track record of spearheading market entry strategies for three global tech firms across 45 countries. With a focus on facilitating multi-market scalability, he established Nex.D with the vision of creating the ideal partner for founders. Over the past 15 years, Pawel has held pivotal global roles in technology, excelling in business development, operations, and sales, while providing governance and leadership support to management teams. His expertise extends to private social networks, publishing, and enterprise-level solutions, underscoring his adeptness in positioning and preparing companies for global expansion.

Work experience

Czech is an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader with a proven track record in founding and scaling innovative ventures. As a Co-Founder of New Native, he has played a pivotal role in establishing the company as a global leader in AI solutions, driving towards a projected USD 30M in Annual Revenue by 2025. Prior to New Native, Czech served as the CEO & Founder of Nex.D, where he specialised in providing strategic guidance and financial frameworks to startups, facilitating their rapid growth and success.

Before venturing into the AI and tech sectors, Czech contributed significantly to the education industry as part of the Founding Team at Education 4.0, focusing on fostering growth and innovation in ed-tech solutions, particularly in the MENA region. Additionally, he played a crucial role at NUADU, a global educational assessment platform, where he contributed to improving the quality of education through technology.

Czech also boasts extensive experience in international sales and business development, having held key positions at companies such as Young Digital Planet and emplo. In these roles, he demonstrated exceptional leadership in executing sales strategies, forging partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, and expanding market reach across diverse regions.

With a diverse portfolio spanning AI, education, and sales, Czech brings a wealth of expertise to any venture, consistently driving innovation and delivering tangible results.

What does New Native do?

New Native is a pioneering organisation operating at the intersection of artificial intelligence and investment. New Native won the Europas Tech Startup Awards for the AI startup of the year 2023.

New Native is a leading AI platform designed to aggregate the latest AI technologies, allowing both businesses and users to develop AI solutions and distribute them at scale. In addition, New Native capitalises on its own AI platform by constantly innovating and building our own set of AI applications targeting corporations, technology providers, financial institutions, and government agencies. New Native has built one of the largest communities of AI developers & enthusiasts with the aim to provide AI labs with a sandbox environment where they can perform rapid testing and deployment of their technologies with access to this growing community that is keen on building with the latest AI technologies.

Together, we are all working towards a common goal: to build a better future. And in doing so, we are not only improving our own lives but also coming together as a global community to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our world.

Pawel Czech, Co-founder of New Native
The Europas names New Native best new tech startup in Artificial Intelligence.

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Czech’s vision for the future development of New Native

In charting the course for the future evolution of New Native, the vision is anchored in the dynamic landscape of generative artificial intelligence (AI), heralding a paradigm shift towards collaborative innovation and boundless creativity. As humanity strides into the Era of the Builders, New Native stands at the vanguard of this epochal transition, poised to harness the potential of AI to shape a future limited only by the bounds of imagination.

Central to this vision is the integration of transformers, the foundational models underpinning Generative AI, into New Native’s fabric. With transformers at the helm, New Native aspires to confront an array of challenges spanning diverse sectors and industries, from revolutionising voice assistance and graphic design to streamlining code automation. By leveraging the versatility and adaptability of transformers, New Native endeavors to pioneer transformative solutions that not only optimise existing processes but also forge entirely novel pathways towards progress.

At the heart of New Native’s ethos lies a steadfast commitment to inclusivity and community-driven innovation. Embracing a collaborative approach, New Native seeks to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem of AI builders, drawing upon the collective expertise and creativity of individuals from varied backgrounds and disciplines. Through robust collaboration, interdisciplinary exploration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, New Native endeavors to unlock the full spectrum of possibilities inherent in the Era of the Builders.

Beyond merely envisioning the future, New Native is dedicated to actively shaping it, spearheading initiatives that drive societal evolution and empower individuals to realise their fullest potential. By fostering an environment of continuous learning, exploration, and experimentation, New Native aims to propel humanity towards a future where the boundaries of innovation are constantly pushed, and the transformative power of AI is harnessed to enrich lives and communities on a global scale.


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