Karat Financial Secures $70 Million Series B Funding to Fuel Growth in Creator Economy

Karat Financial, the trailblazing startup catering to content creators’ financial needs

Karat Financial, the trailblazing startup catering to content creators’ financial needs, has successfully concluded its Series B funding round with an impressive $70 million infusion. This strategic investment, combining equity and debt financing, is poised to revolutionize financial services for content creators worldwide.

Driven by a Vision: Founders Eric Wei and Will Kim

The driving force behind Karat Financial’s inception were co-founders Eric Wei and Will Kim, whose vision was to address the financial challenges faced by content creators. Despite earning substantial six-to-seven-figure-a-year incomes, many creators often struggle to access the capital necessary for business expansion due to limited business and credit histories, coupled with inconsistent income across platforms.

Innovative Underwriting Model: Fueling Growth for Creators

Karat Financial’s innovative approach is set to change this narrative. The company’s initial product, a business credit card, uses an in-house underwriting model that focuses on creators’ social and financial statistics rather than traditional FICO scores. This pioneering strategy empowers creators with higher credit limits based on their cross-platform success, audience engagement, and monetization strategies.

Creators as the Brands of Tomorrow: Karat’s Mission

“The bottom line is that Karat sees creators as the brands and businesses of tomorrow, but high-end creators, just like any other business, need access to capital to grow,” shared Will Kim. “Karat is here to fuel that growth, democratizing access to capital that remains outside the focus of large banks. Creators are eating the world, and Karat is in a great position to be the financial system that powers them.”

Unprecedented Growth in the Creator Economy

The creator economy has become a powerful force, with millions of creators earning substantial incomes. According to sources, over two million creators make more than $100,000 annually, while more than 46.7 million individuals possess an online following sufficient to monetize their content part-time.

Strategic Partnerships: Success Stories of Karat’s Clients

Karat Financial’s commitment to serving this dynamic market has earned them partnerships with renowned content creators, including real estate agent Graham Stephan, Linguatrip co-founder Marina Mogilko, and Arab-Israeli vlogger Nas Daily. With a combined following of over one billion users, these creators represent the success and reach of Karat’s innovative financial solutions.

Prominent Investors Rally Behind Karat’s Vision

The latest Series B funding round saw prominent investors, such as TriplePoint Capital, Union Square Ventures, CRV, and GGV, rallying behind Karat Financial’s vision. Notably, well-known personalities such as actor Will Smith, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, and YouTube co-founder Steve Chen also participated, contributing to the total raised funds, now exceeding $100 million.

Empowering Financial Flexibility: The Karat Card

Karat Financial’s forward-thinking approach doesn’t end with its business credit card. The company is poised to introduce an innovative new card that focuses on building personal credit history, in collaboration with Visa. As cardholders make timely payments, Karat will report these transactions to major credit bureaus, allowing creators to establish a credit history, a crucial step towards accessing further financial opportunities.

Creator-Specific Rewards and Services

The new Karat card will also offer exclusive creator-specific rewards, including access to “member experiences” at renowned industry events such as VidCon and VidSummit. Additionally, users will have the option to upgrade to personalized bookkeeping and tax services through Karat, enhancing their financial management capabilities.

Paving the Way for a Thriving Creator Economy

“Our partnership with Visa is the first of its kind for this fast-growing segment, which allows creators to build a history of credit using the Karat card that they can use to secure better rates and terms for other key financial products to scale their businesses,” elaborated Eric Wei.

A Path to Prosperity: Shaping the Future for Creators

Karat Financial’s $70 million Series B funding is set to strengthen the company’s existing product lineup and facilitate the development of advanced financial tools to support creators in managing their finances effectively. With the rapidly growing creator economy expected to reach nearly half a trillion by 2027, as projected by Goldman Sachs, Karat’s visionary approach is perfectly aligned with the ever-evolving needs of content creators.

A Financial Ecosystem for Creators: Unlocking New Opportunities

As Karat Financial continues to pave the way for a more inclusive financial ecosystem for creators, their bold vision of democratizing access to capital is poised to reshape the landscape of content creation, unlocking new opportunities for creators to thrive in the digital age. The infusion of $70 million in funding positions Karat Financial as a leading force in empowering creators worldwide, as they build the financial foundation for a prosperous future.


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