Sports Illustrated moves NFT tickets to Avalanche blockchain

  • Sports Illustrated’s ticketing division has opted to migrate its NFT ticketing platform from Polygon to Avalanche, announcing a partnership with Ava Labs.
  • Sports Illustrated Tickets CEO David Lane sees NFT tickets as a means to open up new experiences for holders and unlock fresh opportunities for event organisers.
  • The collaboration between SI Tickets and Ava Labs aims to leverage the Avalanche blockchain to mint NFT tickets, offering a more dynamic and interactive experience for event attendees.

According to Sports Illustrated Tickets CEO David Lane, NFT tickets have the potential to provide event organisers with additional possibilities and provide holders with more experiences than standard tickets.

Sports Illustrated’s ticketing division switches platform

Almost ten months after its introduction, the ticketing division of American sports magazine Sports Illustrated stated that it is switching from the Polygon blockchain to Avalanche for its nonfungible token (NFT) ticketing platform, branded “Box Office.”

SI Tickets and Ava Labs, the creators of the Avalanche network, announced a partnership on February 20. The collaboration will enable the NFT ticketing platform to use the Avalanche blockchain to mint NFT tickets.

In order to interact with visitors, Avalanche will also help Box Office turn event tickets into dynamic content.

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NFT ticketing platform’s potential

The NFT ticketing platform was introduced on Polygon in May 2023 to let event planners offer their guests exclusive services including priority access permits, drink discounts, and music downloads before events.

According to Cointelegraph, Lane outlined the benefits of utilising NFT technology in ticketing. Lane claims that the value of a physical ticket expires when it is scanned at the door.

“But NFT ticketing will change all of that. The barcode can now become engagement and activation opportunities between the event owner, venues, performer, sponsor and attendees,” said Lane.


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