Crypto giants unite in advocating for official bitcoin emoji

  • Nexo and over 35 organisations in the cryptocurrency industry have joined forces to advocate for an official bitcoin emoji, launching the “Bitcoin Deserves an Emoji” initiative on April 2 aiming for 50,000 global endorsements.
  • Within a week of its debut, the petition directed to the Unicode Consortium, responsible for emoji standardisation, garnered over 10,000 signatures.
  • Companies such as Brink, Bitget, Chainalysis, Kraken, Polygon, Brave, and BTC Inc. are among those supporting the campaign.

Crypto platform Nexo, along with over 35 organisations within the cryptocurrency sphere, has united to advocate for the adoption of an official bitcoin emoji.

Global initiative launched

The “Bitcoin Deserves an Emoji” initiative was unveiled on April 2 with the goal of obtaining 50,000 global endorsements.

The petition was directed to the Unicode Consortium, the regulatory organisation in charge of standardising emojis across platforms, and within a week of its debut, over 10,000 people had signed it.

Brink, Bitget, Chainalysis, Kraken, Polygon, Brave, and BTC Inc. are among the companies backing the initiative.

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Hear them out

Kosta Kantchev, co-founder and executive chairman of Nexo stated: “With 1.26 billion total bitcoin addresses and 190,000+ professionals and tech pioneers pushing the global community forward, the bitcoin emoji is long overdue.”

Kantchev suggests that bitcoin has become so ubiquitous and influential in the financial world that it deserves to have a dedicated symbol on computer keyboards, similar to other widely recognised currencies such as the dollar sign or the euro sign.

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Eleanor Genova, the head of communications at Nexo, believes that pushing for a Bitcoin emoji transcends mere symbolism; it underscores the unity and steadfast determination of the crypto community to advance the global adoption of Bitcoin.

She stated: “Emojis, today’s digital lingua franca, play a critical role in how we communicate emotions, intentions, and concepts. For Bitcoin… an emoji would not only symbolise its legitimacy but also serve as an essential tool for education and mainstream acceptance.”

The community is getting ready for the cryptocurrency’s fourth halving event, which is anticipated to happen later this month.


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