Top tech stories today: April 4, 2024

Tech News Summaries

Cloud computing and tech industry trends

Amazon layoffs: hundreds of jobs cut in cloud computing unit

Amazon initiates layoffs in its cloud computing division, affecting hundreds of employees, as part of a restructuring effort to optimize operations and maintain competitiveness in the market. (Source: CNBC)

Emerging technologies

Google Chrome OS April Update: Pixel Watch, Phone, Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Google announces Chrome OS updates, including new features like Pixel Watch and Phone integration, along with customizable keyboard shortcuts, enhancing user experience on Chromebooks. (Source: The Verge)

Brave launching AI assistant for iPhone, iPad users

Brave announces the launch of an AI assistant for iPhone and iPad users, aiming to enhance browsing experience with personalized recommendations and privacy-focused features. (Source: TechCrunch)

Social media and digital platforms

Meta’s WhatsApp down: thousands affected, Downdetector shows

WhatsApp experiences outage, impacting thousands of users globally, as reported by Downdetector, raising concerns about the reliability of Meta’s messaging platforms. (Source: Reuters)

Trump sues Truth Social co-founders

Former President Trump files lawsuits against Truth Social co-founders, alleging breach of contract and misuse of funds, escalating legal battles surrounding the conservative social media platform. (Source: Gizmodo)

Blockchain and other

Galaxy plans to raise $100M for first crypto venture fund

Galaxy Digital intends to launch its first crypto venture fund, aiming to raise $100 million for investments in blockchain startups, signaling growing interest in the digital asset space. (Source: CoinDesk)

Choppy bitcoin price action continues

Bitcoin experiences volatile price fluctuations, as uncertainty persists in the cryptocurrency market, with traders closely monitoring price movements amid ongoing macroeconomic factors. (Source: Yahoo Finance)

Intel foundry business still bleeding with $7B operating loss

Intel’s foundry business reports a significant operating loss of $7 billion, raising concerns about the company’s strategy and competitiveness in the semiconductor manufacturing sector. (Source: InformationWeek)

IGM Financial selects Eviden to provide cloud computing services

IGM Financial partners with Eviden to enhance its digital capabilities by leveraging cloud computing services, aiming for improved efficiency and scalability in financial operations. (Source: GlobeNewswire)

Meta age confirmation for Quest 2

Meta introduces age confirmation for Quest 2 users, enhancing child safety measures and compliance with regulatory requirements for virtual reality platforms. (Source: Road to VR)

Retail faces continued threat of IoT botnets

Retail industries remain vulnerable to IoT botnets, with cyberattacks posing significant risks to operational efficiency and customer data security in the digital retail landscape. (Source: IoT Tech News)


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