Loxley Group reports strong fiscal year performance and sustainability initiatives

  • Loxley Group Limited held its annual shareholders’ meeting online, reporting a revenue of 11,075 million baht (approximately $299.9 million) and a net profit of 359 million baht (approximately $9.7 million)for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2023.
  • Under the vision of “Growth with Expertise and Stability,” the company is focused on contributing to Thailand’s development, particularly in energy infrastructure and sustainability, including projects like high-voltage power transmission lines and the promotion of electric vehicles.
  • Loxley Group’s strategic initiatives also include the installation of Solar Rooftop systems to generate clean energy and reduce pollution, demonstrating its commitment to environmental sustainability alongside its financial success.

Bangkok, Thailand – Loxley Group Limited (Public Company) held its annual general meeting of shareholders (E-AGM) for the fiscal year 2024, chaired by Mr Thongchai Lamsam, Chairman of the Board, Mr Surachai Lamsam, Chief Executive Officer, and Mr Chalermchok Lamsam, Chief Operating Officer, along with the company’s board of directors. The meeting conducted online in accordance with the Electronic Transactions Act BE 2563, aimed to present key operational highlights for the fiscal year 2023 to shareholders.

Loxley Group reported total revenue from sales and services of 11,075 million baht (approximately $299.9 million), with a net profit of 359 million baht (approximately $9.7 million) for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2023.

Growth with expertise and stability

Operating under the vision of ‘Growth with Expertise and Stability,’ Loxley Group is committed to contributing to the country’s development while seeking business opportunities and promoting stability in national resources and energy. The company is engaged in various projects, including the construction of a 500-megawatt high-voltage power transmission line from Thungsong Power Station to Songkhla 3 Power Station, which is crucial for enhancing the power system’s stability in the lower southern region. Additionally, Luxley Group promotes the use of electric vehicles for WaQ Yakiniku restaurant food delivery and as patrol cars for ASM Security Management.

Loxley has installed Solar Rooftop systems

Furthermore, Loxley Group has installed Solar Rooftop systems on its warehouses and ICT buildings, generating over 341,312 kilowatts of electricity annually. This initiative aims to promote clean energy usage, reduce pollution, and sustainably lower carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.

The successful E-AGM underscores Loxley Group’s commitment to transparency, sustainability, and innovation in its operations. With its strong financial performance and strategic initiatives, Loxley Group continues to drive growth and contribute to the advancement of Thailand’s economy and environmental sustainability.

About Loxley

Loxley Public Company Limited, established in 1939, is a leading Thai conglomerate renowned for its diversified portfolio spanning technology, telecommunications, energy, and infrastructure sectors. With a rich heritage of over eight decades, Loxley has continuously evolved, leveraging innovation and expertise to meet the dynamic needs of both local and international markets. Committed to excellence and sustainability, Loxley is dedicated to driving growth, fostering partnerships, and contributing to the advancement of Thailand’s economy and society.


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