Skydance outlines vision for Paramount as tech-media hybrid

  • Skydance Media announced its merger agreement with the century-old Paramount Global, following the two companies’ $8.4 billion deal.
  • The merger highlights the fusion of technology and art, especially in the entertainment industry, showing companies’ response to the rapidly changing market.

David Ellison, CEO of Skydance Media, portrays a vision encouraging an intersection of art and technology, highlighting the infinite possibilities technology possesses. His cooperation with Paramount Global a century-old company, also indicates his ambition in developing Skydance Media as well as the industries.
–Ashley Wang, BTW reporter

What happened

David Ellison, CEO of Skydance Media, presented an hour-long speech to the financial community on Monday. He portrayed a vision for the merger agreement with Paramount Global, a century-old entertainment conglomerate, to build a technology-media hybrid company. Earlier on Sunday, the two companies published their $8.4 billion deal for Skydance and its backers to buy the Redstone family’s Massachusetts holding firm, National Amusements, enabling Ellison’s controls over Paramount and ensuring the merger.

During the presentation, Ellison highlighted plans to enhance the Paramount+ streaming service, improve algorithmic recommendation engines, and upgrade advertising technology, as well as incorporate AI to boost content creation and operational efficiency. He emphasised the importance of the symbiotic relationship between art and technology, referencing Steve Jobs as a mentor.

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Why it’s important

The ambitious vision underscores the deeper merging between art and technology. Elilison’s awareness of the necessity for traditional media companies to adapt to the rapidly evolving tech landscape, particularly as tech giants increasingly venture into the entertainment sector, guides him in positioning the company to meet the demands of a changed market.

By merging with Skydance, Paramount aims to leverage its technological prowess to remain competitive. Ellison described the partnership with Oracle in creating a cloud-based animation studio to exemplify this strategy, showcasing how technology can enhance production efficiency and reduce costs. This merger and Ellison’s leadership are poised to redefine Paramount’s identity and strengthen its position in the industry, according to Jeff Shell, the former NBCUniversal chief executive who will join the newly merged company as president.


Ashley Wang

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