CTC’s new CEO Tatsushi Shingu to drive growth through AI and cloud

  • Tatsushi Shingu is now President & CEO of CTC, committed to growth by tackling key social issues like sustainability and ethical AI.
  • CTC is boosting efficiency and targeting growth areas like AI and cloud-native solutions to enhance technological prowess and market presence.
  • CTC delivers extensive IT solutions across multiple sectors including telecommunications, manufacturing, finance, and logistics, focusing on innovative and comprehensive support for diverse client needs.

Leadership transition at CTC

Tatsushi Shingu is delighted to share his recent inauguration as President & CEO of ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC), effective from the 1st of April, 2024.

Established in 1972, CTC has experienced substantial growth by fulfilling the needs of its clients and contributing positively to society. Shingu, having been involved in the ICT sector at ITOCHU Corporation, extends his heartfelt gratitude to all stakeholders, including esteemed clients and predecessors, whose support has been instrumental in reaching this milestone. He is dedicated to leading CTC towards continued prosperity and solicits ongoing support and advice.

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Addressing global challenges

The contemporary corporate world must tackle pressing social challenges, a task that will undoubtedly shape CTC’s future trajectory. These challenges could include sustainability, data privacy and security, and ethical AI. Strengthening the company’s management to drive profits through business expansion in areas that address these social issues is now more crucial than ever.

CTC is set to enhance operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness through IT and will prioritise investment in sectors poised for growth. The focus will be on achieving a streamlined and robust management structure.

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Technological advancements and growth

Furthermore, CTC will intensify its commitment to AI and advanced technologies, deepening its expertise in core areas such as cloud-native solutions. By reinforcing its technological prowess and achieving successful project outcomes, CTC aims to elevate its market presence and brand value, thus attracting more skilled professionals and enhancing its technological capacity.

CTC – At a glance 

CTC group companies supporting the IT life cycle

CTC is a comprehensive IT services company that partners with its customers. From consulting to design, development and construction, operational and maintenance support, CTC combines sophisticated IT solutions and cloud services to find solutions to customer issues. It provides services in all fields including communication, broadcasting, manufacturing, finance, logistics and retail, public services, life sciences, science and engineering.


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