Top 5 most exciting AI products from CES 2024

  • CES 2024 in Las Vegas is showcasing a dazzling array of technological wonders, including colossal televisions, futuristic robots, electric vehicles, and innovative foldable phones.
  • Behind each cutting-edge device at CES lies the pervasive influence of artificial intelligence, a technological marvel that has captivated global audiences since the emergence of ChatGPT in late 2022.

CES 2024 in Las Vegas is currently showcasing a dazzling array of technological wonders, from colossal televisions to futuristic robots, electric vehicles, and innovative foldable phones. What’s particularly noteworthy is that behind the curtain of each of these cutting-edge devices lies the pervasive influence of artificial intelligence, a technological marvel that has captivated audiences worldwide since the emergence of ChatGPT in late 2022.

It’s not surprising that executives in boardrooms are vigorously advocating for AI to become a pivotal element in their upcoming product strategies. The resonance is understandable when we consider the rapid success of ChatGPT. Within just five days of its launch on November 30, 2022, it attracted 1 million users, a milestone that took Netflix three and a half years to achieve in comparison. Two months later, ChatGPT’s user base skyrocketed to an estimated 100 million.

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1. An AI-assistant that replaces your smartphone apps by Rabbit r1

Rabbit’s groundbreaking R1, unveiled at CES 2024, heralds a new era in AI personal assistants. Unlike its counterparts, R1 simplifies tasks seamlessly through conversation, utilizing the screen primarily for verification. Jesse Lyu, Rabbit’s CEO, emphasized that the device, priced at $199, offers a smoother experience by sidestepping complex APIs. The LAM, trained to emulate human actions across various applications, boasts a training mode for user customization. The compact orange device, designed in collaboration with Teenage Engineering, features a 2.88-inch touchscreen, a rotating camera, and a 2.3GHz MediaTek processor. If R1 fulfills Rabbit’s claims, it could be hailed as the “iPhone moment for the AI Era.”

Introducing r1

2. An AI that puts a face to ChatGPT by WeHead

WeHead’s latest innovation, an AI head priced at $4,950 or available for $199 monthly rental, takes AI chatbots to an eerily personal level. Originally designed for 3D video calls, this human-like AI head, with four displays, now serves as an interactive companion, educator, caregiver, or even a digital clone of loved ones. WeHead asserts that their GPT-powered AI head, embodying Long-Length Model (LLM), aids in brainstorming, decision-making, and self-reflection. WeHead also invites businesses and developers for a three-month free testing program, ensuring data protection from audio and video interactions.

3. Intuition Robotics eldercare robot ElliQ 3 for seniors

Intuition Robotics’ ElliQ 3, the AI companion for seniors, has undergone significant upgrades with a sleeker design and powerful features. Weighing less and boasting a smaller footprint, it incorporates MediaTek’s AI processing unit for smoother operations. The real star is its generative AI, powered by the latest Large Language Model tech, enabling more engaging conversations. For example, it remembers discussions about the meaning of life and uses this insight to suggest activities. Safety is ensured with real-time monitoring, and the AI enhances creativity with shared activities such as painting. ElliQ 3 is a lifeline against loneliness, helping seniors to enjoy more entertainment and comfort.

4. Amazon’s integration with Character AI to bring conversational AI companions

Amazon has unveiled three cutting-edge Alexa skills with a strong focus on artificial intelligence (AI) at CES 2024. Accessible to all Echo and Alexa users, the skills are available through the Alexa app and website. Character. AI lets users engage in conversations with a variety of chatbots, including historical figures, trip planners, and more. Splash uses AI to create personalized songs based on user descriptions, while Volley Games presents an AI-driven version of the classic 20 questions game. These skills showcase Amazon’s commitment to integrating generative AI into Alexa, allowing users to access real-time data and engage in immersive conversations.

5.  L’Oreal is getting into AI with their new beauty advice chatbot

L’Oréal, led by CEO Nicolas Hieronimus, showcased its commitment to digital transformation at CES 2024. The company introduced the L’Oréal Paris Beauty Genius, a personalized AI-powered beauty advisor, offering individualized skin and skin tone diagnostics, product recommendations, and virtual product trials. The Beauty Genius combines cutting-edge gen AI, augmented reality, and color science, ensuring a seamless and accurate user experience, marking a significant stride in L’Oréal’s tech-driven beauty innovations.

“AI is reshaping industries beyond technologies and has the power to make lives easier and more inclusive for all,” J.H. Han, CEO and head of the device experience division at Samsung, said during the company’s keynote on Monday. In the symphony of CES 2024’s technological marvels, one resounding note echoes: AI is not just shaping the future; it’s becoming an integral part of our lives.


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