Chunghwa Telecom Group launches corporate sustainability initiative on Earth Day

  • Chunghwa Telecom Group debuts a corporate sustainability initiative featuring Chairman Kuo Shui-Yi and Taiwanese badminton star Tai Tzu-Ying, emphasising a commitment to sustainability and net-zero emissions.
  • The initiative includes collaborative efforts with 26 subsidiary companies to create a sustainable ecosystem, alongside plans for network expansion, digital transformation, and combating telecom fraud.
  • Chunghwa Telecom reaffirms its dedication to sustainability goals, including carbon emission reduction and biodiversity conservation, while striving to empower Taiwan’s industries and promote a sustainable future.

Chunghwa Telecom Group (CHT) introduced its corporate sustainability initiative through a debut of a corporate sustainability video, coinciding with Earth Day celebrations. The video features Chunghwa Telecom Group Chairman Kuo Shui-Yi and Tai Tzu-Ying, Taiwanese badminton ace and Sustainable Development Ambassador for Chunghwa Telecom. This initiative underscores CHT’s steadfast commitment to sustainability, aligning with Tai’s athletic spirit and highlighting the concept of “Sustainability Excitement, Generation Forward” across three interactive games.

Drive net-zero emissions and environmental preservation

In an impressive display of unity, Chairman Kuo Shui-Yi, President Lin Ivan, and representatives from 26 subsidiary companies and strategic partners pledge their collaboration to foster a sustainable ecosystem, emphasising CHT’s resolute dedication to driving net-zero emissions and environmental preservation through collective actions. Noteworthy collaborating companies include Honghwa International Co., Ltd., Senao International Co., Ltd., CHIEF Telecom Inc., and other key players in the industry.

Chairman Kuo emphasises the significance of the collaboration with Tai Tzu-Ying, aimed at showcasing the harmonious coexistence of humans and the environment while promoting corporate aspirations and environmental sustainability under the banner of “Gung Ho” or common good. The video, enriched with compelling narratives, calls upon individuals to unite in the journey towards sustainable net-zero.

Beyond sustainability initiatives, Chunghwa Telecom Group underscores its commitment to delivering unparalleled service with unwavering dedication. Leveraging its leadership in 5G technology, the company strives for continuous improvement in mobile, fixed-line, and Wi-Fi networks, while also pioneering smart home connectivity services. Furthermore, the company is ambitiously developing an exclusive network of satellites and fiber-optic infrastructure to establish a comprehensive “sky-to-earth” network service, enhancing network resilience and providing high-quality communication services to the government and customers alike.

CHT collaborates with global ecosystem partners

Facilitating digital transformation across industries, Chunghwa Telecom collaborates with global ecosystem partners, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to power intelligent applications and propel industry-wide transformation. Additionally, CHT’s expansion into international markets underscores its commitment to promoting Taiwan’s smart applications globally.

Furthermore, Chunghwa Telecom Group announces increased investments in film, television, and sports events, aiming to propel Taiwan’s entertainment industry into the era of film and television 3.0. The company’s recent acquisition of broadcasting rights for the Olympic Games Paris 2024 for five consecutive years demonstrates its commitment to delivering top-tier broadcast services and innovative viewing experiences to audiences worldwide.

For the love of Taiwan, we will advance sustainably. We also look forward to rallying the entire country to strive for net zero emissions together, making a sustainable and prosperous future come true for all.

Kuo Shui-Yi, chairman of CHT

Addressing the pressing issue of telecom fraud, Chairman Kuo reaffirms CHT’s zero-tolerance stance and comprehensive approach towards combating scams effectively. Through the implementation of advanced anti-fraud technologies and meticulous interception measures, Chunghwa Telecom remains committed to safeguarding the financial security of its customers.

Chairman Kuo concludes with a resolute determination towards achieving sustainable net-zero goals by implementing concrete measures such as halving carbon emissions by 2030 and signing Corporate Power Purchase Agreements. Chunghwa Telecom’s steadfast commitment to sustainability extends to biodiversity conservation efforts, including afforestation initiatives and integration of no-deforestation policies into daily operations. He calls out sentimentally, “For the love of Taiwan, we will advance sustainably. We also look forward to rallying the entire country to strive for net zero emissions together, making a sustainable and prosperous future come true for all.”

Looking ahead, Chunghwa Telecom remains dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to empower Taiwan’s core strategic industries, fostering a win-win ecosystem, and rallying the nation towards a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

About CHT

Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan’s largest telecommunication service provider, offers a wide range of services including fixed and mobile communication, broadband, and internet, alongside ICT solutions like big data, information security, and cloud computing. With a focus on innovation and customer-centricity, the company underwent an organizational transformation in 2022, aligning its strategy with “Transformation x 5G x Sustainability” to provide digital transformation solutions. Emphasizing integrity, trust, value creation, and innovation as core corporate values, Chunghwa Telecom actively participates in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) initiatives, aiming for comprehensive ESG implementation with a strong governance framework.


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