Wireless Logic and Blue Wireless partners with Starlink for IoT

  • Wireless Logic gains authorised reseller status for SpaceX’s Starlink, integrating LEO satellite connectivity into their global IoT services portfolio.
  • The collaboration with Blue Wireless delivers managed services combining LEO and LTE/5G technologies, ensuring robust connectivity in 70+ countries.
  • This agreement aims to enhance connectivity options for industries like energy, agriculture, and maritime, addressing challenges in remote operations.

Wireless Logic, a global IoT connectivity platform provider, has achieved authorised reseller status for SpaceX’s Starlink. This agreement integrates Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity into Wireless Logic’s comprehensive managed services portfolio, enhancing options for global IoT deployments.

Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite

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“By leveraging both cellular and satellite connectivity, we harness the benefits of both technologies,” stated Oliver Tucker, CEO at Wireless Logic. “While cellular connectivity remains essential for many applications, the addition of satellite connectivity is transformative, especially in cross-border environments and areas with weak coverage. At Wireless Logic, we carefully evaluate all connectivity options to provide the most suitable solution for each deployment, ensuring our solutions align with our customers’ business goals.”

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Global managed LEO service bridges connectivity gaps across 70+ countries

Wireless Logic will utilise the global support capabilities of its subsidiary, Blue Wireless, to deliver an integrated, managed service that combines LEO technology with LTE/5G, data plans, installation, and on-site support in over 70 countries. This service is backed by guaranteed SLAs on uptime and speed. Wireless Logic acquired Blue Wireless in 2023 to bolster its presence across APAC and the Americas, and to enhance its fixed wireless access offerings.

Our customers depend on us to bridge connectivity gaps, regardless of how remote or challenging their operations are

Ivan Landen, CEO at Blue Wireless

“Our customers depend on us to bridge connectivity gaps, regardless of how remote or challenging their operations are,” said Ivan Landen, CEO at Blue Wireless. “By combining the strengths of 5G/LTE and satellite technologies, we can offer a unique proposition for industries such as energy, agriculture, mining, construction, and maritime. This also extends to organisations requiring resilient branch, portable, or mobile connectivity. Our Global Managed LEO proposition enables global customers to overcome typical challenges like procurement, installation, support, and in-life performance.”

Ivan Landen, CEO at Blue Wireless

About Blue Wireless

As the first global service provider for managed wireless connectivity, Blue Wireless’s mission revolves around leveraging a blend of LTE/5G technologies and expert talent to craft, procure, implement, and manage network solutions tailored to fuel business success and individual empowerment.

Since its establishment in 2015, Blue Wireless has significantly expanded its operations worldwide, encompassing key regions across APAC, Europe, and the Americas. With a team exceeding 70 proficient professionals, they remain steadfast in their commitment to delivering and supporting wireless WAN solutions for enterprises, carriers, and MSPs worldwide.


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