True Anomaly Launches Spacecraft Hub in Colorado, Satellites to Fly in 2024 

Denver-based startup True Anomaly has inaugurated a new manufacturing facility in Centennial, Colorado, with the goal of producing compact satellites tailored for space-based surveillance and reconnaissance applications.

The company’s pioneering spacecraft, named Jackal, is crafted with a specific focus on serving the U.S. military and intelligence sector. Outfitted with three cameras, Jackal possesses the unique capability to execute rendezvous, proximity operations, and servicing missions in orbit.

 2024 Eyed as Year of Exploration 

The 35,000 square-foot facility, aptly named GravityWorks, was unveiled on August 17th and is set to be a hub of satellite production, including the assembly of Jackal units. True Anomaly’s CEO, Even Rogers, underlined the facility’s potential to create fully-tested, mission-ready satellites at an impressive rate of one every five days. GravityWorks aligns with the company’s commitment to enhancing space security in the rapidly evolving aerospace landscape.

A pair of Jackal satellites is on track for launch into low Earth orbit in early 2024 via SpaceX’s Transporter-10 rideshare program. The significance of this endeavor is bolstered by True Anomaly’s recent acquisition of licenses from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

These licenses empower the Jackal vehicles to engage in in-space surveillance missions, marked by non-Earth imaging, and demonstrations of rendezvous and proximity operations.

 NOAA and FCC Express Approval 

NOAA’s commercial remote-sensing license endorses True Anomaly’s capability for non-Earth imaging, encompassing radar, shortwave infrared, longwave infrared, and visible wide and narrow field of view imagery. This diverse range of sensor capabilities positions Jackal to gather crucial data even in challenging lighting conditions such as Earth’s shadow.

Furthermore, the FCC authorization greenlights the company to conduct on-ground trials of Jackal transmitters and validate spacecraft-to-spacecraft rendezvous manoeuvres with the two Jackal vehicles, once they are on-orbit.

 GravityWorks Solidifies Colorado as a Space Tech Hub 

True Anomaly’s advancements are part of a broader trend, with Colorado emerging as a favoured destination for aerospace and defence ventures. The state’s robust space economy and strategic positioning provide a conducive environment for these operations. Notably, True Anomaly’s commitment to housing their operations within the U.S. underscores their dedication to delivering spacecraft entirely manufactured within the country.

The GravityWorks facility’s grand opening was attended by key stakeholders, including U.S. government officials, customers, industry partners, and media representatives. In an address during the event, CEO Even Rogers emphasised the patent-pending satellite design, engineering processes, and skilled workforce that define the facility’s significance.

Rogers stressed that GravityWorks serves as a vital asset for True Anomaly to provide scalable and resilient solutions that tackle contemporary challenges in space security and sustainability.


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