TikTok Tries Google Search Integration to Appeal More to Gen Z Users

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TikTok is testing the integration of Google Search links in select queries. TikTok has been putting ongoing efforts to enrich user experiences through partnerships with third-party applications, the last one being Wikipedia.

Tiktok to Web Search Made Easier  

TikTok users have reported encountering Google Search results directly within the TikTok app. This suggests at a potential collaboration between the two tech giants.

When they search Tiktok, users saw a link to perform a Google search for the same query. This integration allows users to transition from TikTok to the broader web. However, TikTok has explicitly stated that it neither endorses nor assumes responsibility for the Google search results.

Testing in Select Markets  

While Google has chosen to remain silent about this collaboration, TikTok has confirmed that it is currently testing this feature in select markets.

TikTok’s exploration into search doesn’t stop here. In recent months, the platform discreetly introduced Wikipedia snippets, a feature that allows users to access direct links to the online encyclopedia. These snippets are not yet universally available but are surfacing for specific locations, companies, and individuals. TikTok spokesperson Zachary Kizer confirmed that this feature has been live for a few months.

Interesting Timing  

The timing couldn’t be more interesting: this development unfolds amid the backdrop of an ongoing antitrust case against Google. Google has faced allegations of maintaining its search dominance through lucrative agreements with companies like Apple, ensuring that Google remains the default search engine on various products. Simultaneously, TikTok is facing increasing regulatory scrutiny, with the European Commission listing the company as one of the “gatekeepers” subject to new regulations under the Digital Markets Act.

Meeting Gen Z Halfway  

TikTok’s integration of Google Search could potentially impact Google’s advertising revenue as TikTok emerges as the default search method for specific user demographics, particularly among Gen Z.

Prabhakar Raghavan, Google’s senior vice president, has previously emphasized the evolving search behavior of younger users and the need for adaptability in the search market.

The implications of this collaboration on Google’s ongoing antitrust case remain uncertain, but it shows that even tech giants need to adapt to evolving user expectations.


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