OpenAI shines, auto industry transforms: CES 2024 unveils AI’s impact

  • OpenAI’s generative AI impact persists at CES 2024, echoing Apple’s historical influence, with funding reaching $23.78 billion.
  • Automakers lead AI’s ‘hyper-personalization’ charge, unveiling safety innovations and collaborations, while industry debates consumer willingness for AI-enabled devices.

CES 2024 promises a showcase of OpenAI’s ongoing influence, reminiscent of Apple’s historical impact. Generative AI’s widespread integration in gadgets and the automotive industry’s focus on ‘hyper-personalization’ mark a pivotal moment, sparking discussions on the transformative role of AI in shaping our technological future.

OpenAI’s ongoing influence at CES 2024

Despite Altman’s absence, CES 2024 in Las Vegas next week will showcase the widespread integration of generative AI in gadgets, resembling Apple’s influence at the same time, even without Steve Jobs. OpenAI is working on a secretive AI hardware project with famed former Apple designer Jony Ive, among other projects.

Widely regarded as the poster child for the tech industry’s last year, Altman continues to shape the narrative. The funding for generative AI projects has surged exponentially, reaching an impressive $23.78 billion, a testament to the heightened interest and investments in this groundbreaking technology.

Various companies at the event will unveil how they are building AI into their gadgets, from devices for the visually impaired to safety systems in schools.

Automakers pave the way for ‘hyper-personalization’ through AI

At CES 2024, the automotive industry spearheads the adoption of AI for ‘hyper-personalization.’ Aakash Arora from Boston Consulting Group notes automakers’ strategic pursuit of an enhanced customer experience as a key market differentiator. Cerence’s partnership with Volkswagen exemplifies the fusion of traditional automakers with AI, emphasizing seamless integration of cutting-edge technology.

Safety takes center stage with Israel-based Cipia unveiling an AI-driven system monitoring driver distraction, addressing critical road safety concerns. This safety-centric approach aligns with the broader narrative of AI’s transformative impact, extending beyond convenience to overall well-being.

Tech giants, and BMW, collaborate on a generative AI partnership, signaling increased industry involvement in shaping the automotive future. Wendy Bauer of Amazon Web Services highlights AI’s role in reducing costs, expediting vehicle development, and ensuring manufacturing quality.

However, the industry grapples with consumer willingness to pay extra for AI-enabled devices, sparking a debate on the tangible benefits of AI integration. These questions linger as CES 2024 unfolds, exploring new frontiers in technology.

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