Microsoft Trims Down Features in Latest Edge Browser Version 

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Microsoft is redesigning its Edge browser, aiming to enhance user experience by trimming excess features. In an effort to declutter and simplify its interface, the company is discontinuing several tools in the upcoming Edge version 117, set to stabilize by September 14, 2023.

The forthcoming Edge release, currently in beta, will bid farewell to features such as Math Solver, Picture Dictionary, Citations, Grammar Tools, and Kids Mode. This move is driven by the intention to optimize the end-user experience while refining the navigation menus.

 Leaner but Better 

While Microsoft’s Edge browser might not lead the market share race, it strives to stand out through consistent enhancements. The tech giant introduces fresh functionalities in its bid to compete with rivals like Google Chrome. The Edge Beta version 117 brings notable changes, both in feature depreciation and innovation.

Math Solver, Picture Dictionary, Citations, Grammar Tools, and Kids Mode are the casualties of this streamlining effort. Although Microsoft has not detailed the rationale behind each discontinuation, the overall aim is to declutter menus and facilitate a more seamless browsing experience. These changes will be rolled out with the Edge 117 release, marking a step toward more focused functionality.

In contrast to the features being phased out, Microsoft is introducing new capabilities to elevate user engagement. The AI-powered Smart Find feature enhances phrase searches, intelligently accommodating misspelled words or semantic similarities.

Additionally, the novel “E-tree in Wallet” feature allows users to nurture a digital tree through a virtual seed stored in a Wallet. Upon growth, Microsoft pledges to plant an actual mangrove tree on the user’s behalf. While details on this process remain limited, utilizing the feature necessitates signing in to Edge with a Microsoft account.

 Edge for Business Gets Similar Updates 

The Edge for Business iteration is not left untouched. Enhancements are slated to improve automatic toggling between personal and work browsing, catering particularly to enterprise users.

The Edge Beta version 117 is available for those eager to explore the changes ahead of the Stable release, which is scheduled in a little over two weeks. As Microsoft fine-tunes its browser’s features, it aims to strike a balance between a streamlined experience and innovative functionalities, positioning Edge as a contender in the competitive browser landscape.


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