IPhone 15 Heatwave Sparks Cool Fix with IOS17 updating

iPhone 15 Pro Max users have taken to Reddit, turning up the heat on discussions about their smartphones. Some claim that their phones are reaching scorching temperatures of 42°C (108°F) on the back after just 5 minutes of use, and even soaring up to a blistering 47°C (116.5°F) in later tests. It’s not just a pocket-sized issue either. Users have reported feeling their iPhone 15 Pro models heating up significantly even when snugly tucked in their pockets. It’s become such a hot topic that Apple users are jokingly suggesting they can now cook with their iPhones!

More than Half of iPhone Owners Affected

A survey conducted by the tech media outlet 9to5Mac found that more than half of iPhone 15 users believe their new devices are running hotter than they should. International users have also sounded off on Apple’s community forums, sharing stories of their iPhones becoming unusually warm during activities like making calls, snapping photos, and charging. Some users even report feeling significant heat coming from their phones when not in use, despite ample available memory.

Bugs Caused Overheating – Apple

Apple has recognized the issue and attributes the excessive heating to a combination of bugs in the iOS system, glitches in certain third-party applications, and additional processing demands during the initial setup. These culprits are generating more heat than expected. Apple is promising to put out a fix for these problems in an upcoming update.

An Apple spokesperson explained that during the first few days after setting up or restoring a device, increased background activity can lead to higher temperatures. They’ve already identified and resolved some user-impacting errors in iOS 17 and are working closely with third-party app developers to ensure upcoming releases address these concerns.

On Oct. 4, Apple released a new software update with patch notes stating that iOS 17.0.3 “addresses an issue that may cause iPhone to run warmer than expected.”

Apple has also identified a few troublemakers among third-party apps, including Instagram, Uber, and the game Asphalt 9. Instagram has already made improvements to its app on September 27th. Additionally, Apple has rolled out a series of fixes to tackle vulnerabilities and security issues across iOS and iPadOS, including patches for kernel vulnerabilities and libvpx errors.

Not a Design Flaw

Apple wants to reassure users that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max aren’t overheating due to a design flaw. In fact, the new titanium metal casing is designed to enhance heat dissipation, with no adverse effects on safety or performance.

The phone manufacturer emphasized that the current bugs can be resolved through software updates, and the forthcoming iOS 17 update won’t impact device performance. Generally, a bit of warmth during activities like restoring from backup, wirelessly charging, gaming, or streaming high-definition videos is considered normal. As long as the iPhone doesn’t display a temperature warning, users can continue to use it safely.


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