What is going on with online privacy

This video discusses online privacy concerns. Some people worry that many companies are continuously tracking users’ online activities, analyzing their browsing history, and using this data, particularly for personalized advertising. However, others believe that such tracking only results in more personalized content and experiences, so they are less concerned. The video emphasizes the definition of online privacy, which is an individual’s ability to determine the extent to which their internet data is shared with third parties and how these third parties use that data. The importance of online privacy lies in the increasing variety of cyberattacks, including phishing, DDoS attacks, and malware attacks, as well as the growing sophistication of hackers who use social engineering to deceive people. The video also mentions some online privacy trends, such as the phasing out of third-party cookies and the introduction of alternative technologies and policy changes. In summary, the video highlights the significance of online privacy and the evolving trends in this area.


Yulan Deng

Yulan Deng is a video producer with a background in University of Arts London. She is passionate about discussing fintech. You can reach out to her at y.l.deng@btw.media.

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