Apple Partners with SpaceX to Supercharge iPhone SOS  

Apple introduced the iPhone 14 with Emergency SOS via Satellite nearly a year ago, enabling users to access emergency services in areas with no cellular coverage. Globalstar, Apple’s satellite partner for this technology, has recently signed a $64 million deal with SpaceX to launch satellites in 2025, as confirmed through an SEC filing. This collaboration aims to expand Globalstar’s emergency SOS services, which directly benefit Apple’s iPhone 14 and potentially the upcoming iPhone 15. The service is currently available in several countries but is expected to expand thanks to this partnership.

Apple’s satellite ambitions may extend beyond emergency services, as evidenced by a recent patent. This patent suggests that Apple is exploring the transmission of various data types, including media content, voice data, and internet data, through satellite communication. While this doesn’t guarantee that Apple will incorporate these features into its products, it indicates the company’s interest in satellite technology for broader communication purposes.

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