5 top tech stories this week: November 16, 2023

OpenAI has made some big moves this week, not only hoping to bridge gaps in AI training but also launching the GPT Store for personal AI chatbots without coding. We have a bunch of other great tech stories too. Here’s our rundown of the top stories this week.

Read more about each story on the links below:

OpenAI Data Partnerships hope to bridge gaps in AI training

Microsoft adds Copilot AI to Windows 10, potentially overhauling how we use computerses including fraud and money laundering

Meta’s strategic partnership with Tencent opens new horizons for VR in China

UK aims for fully self-driving cars by 2026

OpenAI launches GPT Store for personal AI chatbots without coding


Yulan Deng

Yulan Deng is a video producer with a background in University of Arts London. She is passionate about discussing fintech. You can reach out to her at y.l.deng@btw.media.

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