X changes course, gives away blue ticks to popular users for free

  • Elon Musk, owner of social network X, is providing complimentary premium features, including blue verification checkmarks, to popular users.
  • This move contrasts with Musk’s prior criticism of Twitter’s checkmark distribution system.
  • Musk’s strategy shift reflects a departure from previous practices and may signal a broader strategic realignment.

The owner of social network X, Elon Musk, has initiated a distribution of complimentary premium features, including the coveted blue verification checkmarks, to a select group of prominent users. Musk announced this move last week, targeting individuals with over 2,500 verified followers. This week, several users observed the reappearance of blue checkmarks on their profiles.

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Users expressed confusion regarding their sudden acquisition

Some recipients of the blue checkmarks expressed confusion regarding their sudden acquisition, prompting the company to issue notifications explaining the policy change. Typically, users are required to subscribe to X’s premium monthly service to obtain the blue badge, which was previously utilised by Twitter’s former management to authenticate notable accounts.

This strategic shift by Musk diverges from his past criticism of Twitter‘s practice of bestowing checkmarks upon prominent accounts, which he likened to a “lords and peasants” system. Following his assumption of control over the company, Musk eliminated all legacy blue checkmarks, opting instead for a pay-for-access model.

Now, 18 months into his tenure, Musk appears to be borrowing a page from the old company’s playbook, although a spokesperson declined to offer commentary on this recent development.


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