Vietnam promotes ‘.vn’ domain for digital economy

  • Vietnam pushes ‘.vn’ domain for digital growth. Only 25% firms use it despite high global ranking. Government offers incentives for registration, aiming for digital sovereignty.
  • Encouraging ‘.vn’ domain adoption vital for Vietnam’s digital economy and sovereignty. MIC’s initiative targets youth and SMEs.

By leveraging the ‘.vn’ domain, Vietnamese enterprises can not only enhance their online credibility but also contribute to national digital sovereignty. This concerted effort aligns with broader global trends towards digitization and underscores Vietnam’s commitment to carving its place in the digital landscape.

–Alaiya Ding, BTW reporter

Vietnam has encouraged businesses to adopt ‘.vn’ domain names for their online presence. Despite ranking high globally, only 25% of firms use it. Government offers incentives to promote registration, aiming for digital sovereignty.

What happened?

The Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) has announced that Vietnam now has over 610,000 domain names with the suffix ‘.vn’, ranking second in ASEAN, 10th in Asia Pacific, and 40th in the world. Despite this progress, only 25 percent of Vietnamese businesses have registered to use the national domain name, compared to 70 percent in developed countries. The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has launched a program to popularize the use of the ‘.vn’ domain name. The program includes a 2-year fee exemption for new businesses and young people to encourage the adoption of ‘.vn’ domain names.

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Why this is important?

Fostering digital growth with ‘.vn’ domain

The widespread adoption of the ‘.vn’ domain name is crucial for Vietnam’s digital economy and national digital sovereignty. A national domain name not only enhances brand identity and reliability but also represents the country on the global internet map. With only 25 percent of businesses using the ‘.vn’ domain, there is significant potential for growth. This initiative by MIC aims to bridge this gap, encouraging more businesses and individuals to establish their online presence using the national domain. This is particularly important as the digital economy becomes increasingly vital for economic growth and development.

The initiative’s focus on young people and SMEs is particularly noteworthy. By offering a 2-year fee exemption, the program lowers the entry barrier for these groups, enabling them to compete more effectively in the digital marketplace.


Alaiya Ding

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