Trump to speak at Bitcoin 2024 in Nashville on July 27

  • Donald Trump, advocating for financial freedom and increased Bitcoin mining in the U.S., will speak at Bitcoin 2024 in Nashville on July 27, marking his support for the American Bitcoin industry.
  • The Biden administration shows interest in working with Congress to create a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, highlighting a bipartisan focus on shaping the future of the U.S. crypto sector.

Donald Trump’s support for bitcoin at Bitcoin 2024 highlights his strategy to align with tech-savvy voters and oppose Democratic regulation. By advocating for financial freedom and U.S. dominance in crypto, he aims to energise his base and attract undecided voters with bold, innovative policies.
–Jasmine Zhang, BTW reporter

What happened

Former U.S. President and current Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will be a keynote speaker at Bitcoin 2024 in Nashville, Tennessee, on July 27.

Trump declared his support for the American Bitcoin industry in May 2024, advocating for financial freedom and promoting the growth of the U.S. Bitcoin sector globally. He recently expressed a desire to see increased Bitcoin mining by U.S. firms, stating on his Truth Social platform, “We want all the remaining Bitcoin to be MADE IN THE USA.”

In June, Trump raised $12 million at a tech fundraiser in San Francisco attended by executives from Coinbase and crypto investor twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has shown a willingness to collaborate with Congress to establish a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies.

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Why it’s important

Trump’s endorsement of Bitcoin at Bitcoin 2024 isn’t just a headline-grabber; it’s a calculated move in his political playbook. By positioning himself as a champion for cryptocurrencies, Trump is tapping into a fervent, tech-savvy voter base that values financial freedom and innovation. His criticism of Democratic regulatory efforts frames the issue as a battle between progress and control, a narrative likely to resonate with libertarian and conservative voters.

This stance comes at a pivotal time. The crypto industry, reeling from 2022’s high-profile bankruptcies and scandals, is desperate for political allies who can fend off stringent regulations. Trump’s vocal support signals to this sector that he is their advocate, ready to shield them from what he portrays as Democratic overreach.

Yet, this alignment also underscores a deeper strategic push to energise his base with bold, industry-disrupting policies. As the election heats up, Trump’s crypto crusade might just be the edge he needs to sway undecided voters and secure a tech-forward image.


Jasmine Zhang

Jasmine Zhang is an intern reporter at Blue Tech Wave specialising in AI and Fintech. She graduated from Kunming University of Science and Technology. Send tips to

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