True Fit uses AI to help online shoppers find their best outfit

  • True Fit introduces “Fit Hub”, a generative AI tool to streamline online clothing size selection, reducing return rates and enhancing shopping confidence.
  • Fit Hub enhances size chart, description, customer reviews, and sales data to provide personalised size recommendations.
  • The tool leverages True Fit’s “Fashion Genome” data set and generative AI models to offer real-time, accurate fitting advice.

True Fit’s “Fit Hub” hopes to take the pain and indecision out of the clothes-buying process. With its AI programmed to help you select the cuts that look great, this continues a trend we see for tech-enabled couture purchasing.
Audrey Huang, BTW reporter

True Fit, a leader in size-and-fit personalisation, has launched “Fit Hub”, to revolutionise how online shoppers choose clothing sizes.

The introduction of Fit Hub

True Fit, known for its AI-powered size recommendation solutions, has unveiled “Fit Hub,” a tool that uses generative AI to help online shoppers find clothes that fit.This innovation comes at a time when sizing issues remain a challenge in e-commerce, with high return rates due to ill-fitting purchases.

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How does Fit Hub work?

Fit Hub improves all relevant size and fit information from product pages into a single, easy-to-navigate interface. By analysing size charts, descriptions, customer reviews, and sales data, the AI tool provides shoppers with clear, personalised size recommendations. For instance, it can advise if a size 16 should consider sizing down or if a size 4 is true to size for a particular item.

Future enhancements and expansion

Currently in beta testing with select brands, Fit Hub is expected to become widely available soon. True Fit also plans to introduce additional features, such as “Shopper Insights” and “Brand Sizing,” which will offer even more detailed and personalised shopping experiences. Additionally, the development of a generative AI chatbot is underway, aiming to help shoppers with specific product inquiries and recommendations.


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