True Anomaly space company: A short profile

  • True Anomaly is a private aerospace firm specialising in space transportation and satellite deployment services.
  • The company aims to change access to space by developing innovative launch vehicles and space technologies.
  • True Anomaly prioritises sustainability and affordability in its mission to expand humanity’s presence in space.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of space exploration and commercialisation, True Anomaly emerges as a force driving innovation and progress. True Anomaly builds innovative technology at the intersection of spacecraft, software, and AI to deliver solutions for space security, sustainability, and accessibility.

Empowering access to space

True Anomaly is dedicated to advancing space transportation capabilities to make access to space more efficient, reliable, and affordable. “True Anomaly’s range solutions will deliver optimal test and training capabilities to Guardians on a faster timeline with streamlined costs,” said True Anomaly Chief Product Officer Tom Nichols.

The company plays a vital role in deploying satellites for global connectivity, communication, and Earth observation purposes. Through its satellite deployment services like Jackal spacecraft, the company facilitates the expansion of telecommunications networks, internet connectivity, and remote sensing capabilities around the world. By leveraging advanced launch technologies and deployment techniques, True Anomaly enables the seamless integration of satellites into orbit, empowering industries, governments, and organisations to harness the benefits of space-based technologies.

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True Anomaly is committed to promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship in its operations and endeavors. The company prioritises the development and utilisation of eco-friendly propulsion systems, reusable launch vehicles, and efficient manufacturing processes to minimise its environmental footprint.

“As a company founded by former operators, responsibly maintaining global stewardship of space security, sustainability, and accessibility is woven throughout everything we do at True Anomaly,” Chief Executive Even Rogers said.

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Innovative technologies and initiatives

True Anomaly is developing reusable launch vehicle technology to change space transportation. By designing and manufacturing reusable rockets, the company aims to significantly reduce the cost of launching payloads into orbit and increase the frequency of space missions. Reusable launch vehicles enable rapid turnaround times between launches, enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability in space exploration endeavors.

The company offers dedicated launch services for small satellites, catering to the growing demand for affordable and responsive access to space. The company’s small satellite launch vehicles are designed to deliver payloads into precise orbits, enabling customers to deploy satellites for various applications, including communication, Earth observation, and scientific research.

True Anomaly is exploring innovative solutions for in-orbit servicing and space logistics to support sustainable space activities. The company is developing capabilities for satellite refueling, maintenance, and repair operations in orbit, extending the operational lifespan of satellites and reducing space debris.

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Driving the future of space exploration and commercialisation

“We believe the best solutions lie at the intersection of domain expertise and product development excellence. Our team includes the live experience, commercial aptitude, and technical acumen necessary to deliver industry-leading technology for space security and sustainability.” The company says.

True Anomaly is driving innovation, sustainability, and affordability in space transportation and satellite deployment. With a mission to empower access to space and expand humanity’s presence beyond Earth, the company is pioneering new technologies, initiatives, and partnerships to shape the future of space exploration and unlock the boundless potential of the cosmos. As True Anomaly continues to push the boundaries of space technology, it paves the way for a future where space is more accessible, sustainable, and interconnected than ever before.


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