Trend Micro uses Nvidia software tools for AI cybersecurity offering

  • Trend Micro is partnering with Nvidia to develop new cybersecurity tools powered by artificial intelligence
  • The tools will be able to run on Nvidia’s chips and will focus on detecting intruders and ensuring that sensitive data within AI systems can only be accessed by authorised users.
  • Given that many companies are training AI systems to help their employees with tasks, the tools are developed to safeguard data security.

While AI is contributing to improving human beings’ efficiency, it comes with risks. Tools developed by Trend Micro can help guard against its risks.
–Audrey Huang, BTW reporter

Trend Micro is working with Nvidia to develop AI-based cybersecurity tools for data centres. Aiming to detect intruders and secure data used for AI work, the tools help address the vulnerability of centralised data storage.

Trend Micro’s collaboration with Nvidia

Trend Micro’s collaboration with Nvidia represents a proactive approach to solve cybersecurity issues in AI-powered data centres. By using the capabilities of AI, the development of new cybersecurity tools aims to enhance threat detection and data protection mechanisms. With the increasing number of AI systems across various industries, ensuring the security of centralised datasets becomes significant. Trend Micro focuses on using Nvidia’s chips, which stresses its commitment to delivering innovative solutions that safeguard critical data assets from cyber threats. As businesses continue to embrace AI technologies, the partnership between the two companies signals a concerted effort to mitigate security risks.

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Functions of the tools

The tools will be capable of running on Nvidia’s chips and will focus on detecting intruders and ensuring that sensitive data within AI systems remains accessible only to authorised users.


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