Textron Systems and Kodiak develop autonomous military vehicles

  • Kodiak unveils its first autonomous test vehicle tailored for the American military, equipped with the Kodiak Driver system.
  • The autonomous vehicle is designed to navigate rugged terrains and areas with unreliable GPS signals, showcasing the evolution of autonomous technology in military applications.
  • Future plans include the official unveiling of the new vehicle later this year, along with driverless demonstrations to showcase its capabilities.

Kodiak Robotics is collaborating with Textron Systems to create a purpose-built, driverless military vehicle. The vehicle, which will integrate Kodiak’s autonomous technology, the Kodiak Driver, into a prototype, is not a retrofit of an existing vehicle but will be a significant advancement in the self-driving trucking industry.


Textron Systems, a prominent manufacturer of military vehicles based in Providence, and Kodiak, a leader in autonomous technology, have joined forces to develop a cutting-edge autonomous military vehicle. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the integration of advanced technology into ground vehicles for military applications.

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Kodiak’s first autonomous military vehicle

In a groundbreaking move, Kodiak revealed its first autonomous test vehicle designed specifically for the American military. Equipped with the Kodiak Driver system and other specialised hardware and software components, this vehicle is capable of navigating rugged terrain and areas with unreliable GPS signals. This unveiling represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of autonomous technology in military settings.

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Future prospects and demonstrations

Textron and Kodiak are set to officially reveal the new autonomous vehicle later this year, accompanied by driverless demonstrations. The collaboration aims to explore future opportunities with the U.S. Department of Defence and allied nations’ militaries. With plans to accelerate the integration of automated technology into ground vehicles, both companies are committed to enhancing the capabilities of ground systems to support military personnel effectively and efficiently.


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