Tempus AI prices US IPO at over $6B valuation

  • SoftBank-backed Tempus AI sets IPO price at $37 per share.
  • Aimed at raising $410.7 million, reflecting strong investor interest.

Tempus AI’s IPO isn’t just another market event—it’s a testament to the power of combining technology with a commitment to improving healthcare outcomes. As they embark on this next chapter, I’m optimistic about the future they’re shaping, where advanced diagnostics powered by AI can pave the way for healthier communities globally.
Dudu, BTW Reporter

SoftBank-backed Tempus AI is poised to debut on the Nasdaq Global Select Market with its IPO (Initial public offerings) priced at $37 per share, aiming to raise $410.7 million. Valued at over $6 billion, the genetics-testing company’s public offering reflects strong investor confidence in its potential to advance genomics diagnostics across multiple medical disciplines.

Tempus AI makes Nasdaq debut amidst high expectations

SoftBank Group-backed Tempus AI has finalised the pricing of its US initial public offering at $37 per share, marking a significant step towards its public market debut on the Nasdaq Global Select Market. The genetics-testing company’s IPO, priced at the upper end of its targeted range of $35 to $37, values the firm at approximately $6.10 billion based on outstanding shares outlined in its filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Despite being led by e-commerce veteran Eric Lefkofsky and currently operating at a loss, Tempus AI anticipates strong investor interest as it ventures into trading.

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Anticipating Tempus AI’s market impact

Tempus AI’s IPO not only signifies a substantial valuation but also underscores growing investor confidence in genomic diagnostics. The company’s focus on oncology and expanding into neuropsychiatry, radiology, and cardiology sectors positions it favourably in the healthcare technology landscape. While profitability remains a future goal, Tempus AI’s innovative approach and strategic backing by SoftBank highlight its potential to disrupt and lead in genomic diagnostics. For investors eyeing long-term growth in biotech, Tempus AI’s IPO represents an opportunity to invest in cutting-edge healthcare solutions poised to make significant advancements in patient care and medical diagnostics.


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