SoftBank uses call centre AI to calm the sound of angry customers

  • Softbank is using innovative AI-driven software to tackle the stress of dealing with angry customers in call centres.
  • SoftBank plans to begin internal and external testing of the technology next year, with the goal of commercialisation by March 2026.
  • The Government is considering legislation to strengthen the protection of workers in the service sector.

SoftBank Corporation, one of Japan’s leading telecom providers, aims to transform customers’ voices into a soothing conversational tone and relay it to workers through the utilization of AI-powered emotion recognition and voice processing technology.

This software aims to modify the tone of customers’ voices, potentially easing tension for call centre employees.

Building great customer relationships through AI

SoftBank plans to commence internal and external testing of this technology within the next year, to commercialise it by March 2026. 

The company stated in a press release that they are developing a solution utilizing AI-powered emotion recognition and voice processing technology.

This solution aims to convert customers’ voices into calmer tones, fostering smoother communication between customers and call centre staff while prioritizing the well-being of employees.

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Legislation to strengthen the protection of workers in the service sector 

The government is considering legislation to enhance protections for these workers.

A recent survey by UA Zensen, a labour union representing service and retail industry workers, revealed that approximately half of the 33,000 respondents had experienced harassment from customers in the past two years.

Incidents ranged from verbal abuse to demands for apologies involving kneeling and bowing. Over 100 respondents sought psychiatric assistance due to such harassment.


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