Samsung’s automatic robot vacuum: No more housework?

  • Samsung’s Bespoke Jet Bot Combo revolutionizes home cleaning with AI Object Recognition, advanced sensors, and powerful spinning mops for efficiency.
  • This AI-backed robot promises a hands-free, skilled housekeeping experience, offering precision, adaptability, and the joy of automated domestic chores.

Samsung announced that its new automatic robot vacuum, following the Bespoke Jet Bot AI+, will be launched this year. As technology evolves, the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo exemplifies the upcoming era of hands-free convenience in household chores, revolutionizing home cleaning.

Your right hand on the way

Samsung has unveiled the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo, an advanced robot vacuum/mop/steamer that takes cleaning to the next level.

Equipped with the 3D sensor, it expands the number of objects it can identify, enabling more precise driving. The most notable improvement is that AI Object Recognition can also recognize space and stains to provide users with better cleaning experiences. It determines and categorizes mapped areas needing extra care like a living room and a kitchen, and automatically suggests setting up “no-go zones” such as the bathroom. With powerful spinning mops, it can actively scrub off even hardened stains. The machine is even designed to adopt its suction power on various floor types accordingly.

This approaching right hand is currently still in its development phase, allowing you to imagine more magic it can realize.

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Probably working like skilled cleaning staff

Unlike typical automatic vacuums, the more AI-backed robot will play a role more like an experienced housekeeper who will take good care of your cosy home. All you need to do is allocating specific tasks to it and checking how it performed.

They may come with delightful features such as nimble robotic arms, longer battery life, and better skill to avoid being stuck somewhere.

It is expected to excitingly come out this year with so much more to offer. Just imagine that you will be free from housework one day!


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