Sam Altman denies pre-Google I/O search engine launch

  • OpenAI CEO Sam Altman refutes Reuters’ claims about OpenAI launching a search product before Google I/O.
  • Altman hints at an upcoming announcement from OpenAI but clarifies that it won’t involve GPT-5 or a search engine.
  • Reports suggest OpenAI is recruiting Google staff for a team working on the anticipated product.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has intervened to dispel rumours circulating about the alleged launch of a search engine before Google I/O, refuting claims made by Reuters. While acknowledging an imminent announcement from OpenAI, Altman has clarified that it does not entail the introduction of GPT-5 or any search engine.

Setting the record straight

Amidst speculation, Altman has spoken out to address rumours regarding the purported launch of a search engine ahead of Google I/O. Contradicting recent reports, Altman denies that OpenAI will unveil a search product just before Google’s major event. While confirming an upcoming announcement from OpenAI on Monday morning, Altman suggests it will be something unexpected.

Altman posted on X that it’s “not gpt-5, not a search engine,” but whatever it is, he says it “feels like magic.” However, details remain vague, with OpenAI only mentioning updates related to ChatGPT and the latest model, GPT-4.

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ChatGPT’s new search capability

OpenAI is currently developing a new feature for ChatGPT, aiming to enable it to search the Internet and provide responses with proper citations. This functionality could position ChatGPT as a competitor to Google and AI search startup Perplexity. Users could ask questions and receive answers sourced from the web, complete with citations from reliable sources.

Additionally, this version of ChatGPT may include relevant images alongside textual responses to queries, enhancing user experience. As the AI landscape grows more competitive, OpenAI faces pressure to enhance its flagship product, particularly in response to the success of competitors like Perplexity.


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