Sal Sferlazza: CEO of NinjaOne and his path to rapid growth and success

  • Sal Sferlazza’s entrepreneurial journey reflects not only his technical prowess, but also his ability to identify market opportunities. His early experiences laid the foundation for his future endeavours, shaping his entrepreneurial philosophy and approach to disruptive innovation.
  • Sal’s innovative leadership and NinjaRMM’s cutting-edge technology propelled the company to rapid growth, with a customer base exceeding 5,000, significant equity investment, and a workforce expansion from 40 to nearly 300 by 2020.
  • Sal’s hands-on approach to customer service, team building, and commitment to continuous learning and innovation has driven NinjaRMM’s growth, positioning it as a market leader.

Sal Sferlazza is CEO and co-founder of NinjaOne. As a serial entrepreneur and technology visionary, Sferlazza has created, built, and exited several highly successful businesses, including Realm Interactive, Lasso Logic, PacketTrap and Anchor.

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Entrepreneurial background and early experience

Sal Sferlazza’s journey into entrepreneurship began during his academic pursuit of a degree in Computer Science and Finance at the State University of New York at Albany, where he showcased his technical prowess and business acumen. His career commenced in the mid-1990s with an internship at his uncle’s company, where he initially undertook administrative tasks like answering phones and running errands.

However, it didn’t take long for Sal’s programming skills to come to the forefront. He delved into experimenting with the SCO (set time counter) UNIX operating system and embarked on creating prototypes for clients. This initial experience not only laid the groundwork for his subsequent ventures but also ignited his entrepreneurial spirit.

In 2001, armed with previous experiences as a software consultant at Accenture and vice president of product at a successful startup, Sal ventured into entrepreneurship with fervour. He founded Realm Interactive, a video game company, which he later sold to NCSoft in 2004. Subsequently, he established Lasso Logic, a data protection company, which he sold to SonicWall in 2005.

Since then, Sal has continued to forge his path in the entrepreneurial landscape. He founded Lasso Logic, which he later sold to SonicWall in 2005, followed by PacketTrap, an IT network management company, sold to Quest Software in 2009, and cloud MSP (management services provider) Anchor, sold to eFolder in 2013.

Sal’s entrepreneurial philosophies were significantly influenced by his first venture, Realm Interactive. Intrigued by the potential of social gaming in the early 2000s, Sal noticed a gap in the market after the release of a game called Dark Age of Camelot. Despite the game’s mediocre gameplay, its innovative feature allowing thousands of players to interact simultaneously caught Sal’s attention. Recognizing shared frustrations among gamers, he founded a company focusing on graphics.

His lead concept artist was poached from Marvel, where he had drawn X-Men comics, and the graphics were so impressive that at a convention for the launch of the first Xbox, the game developers from Activision Blizzard came over to take pictures of what Realm was building.

The remarkable graphics showcased by Realm Interactive drew admiration, even prompting developers from industry giants like Activision Blizzard to take notice at a gaming convention. However, Sal eventually sold Realm to NCSoft, realizing the growth potential had he timed his venture differently, a lesson that stayed with him.

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Sal Sferlazza

The rapid growth of NinjaRMM

The meteoric rise of NinjaRMM began in 2013 when Sal co-founded the company, marking a significant milestone in the realm of remote monitoring and management (RMM). Unlike its competitors, NinjaRMM was built on a cutting-edge technology stack that was two decades ahead of the curve. This technological advantage catapulted the company to the forefront of the industry, propelling it to become one of the fastest-growing Software as a Service (SaaS) companies in the IT management sector.

By the year 2020, NinjaRMM boasts a customer base exceeding 5,000, a testament to its rapid expansion and widespread adoption within the market. The company’s success was further underscored by a substantial $30 million equity investment from Summit Partners in the same year, signalling confidence in its growth trajectory and potential. Moreover, NinjaRMM experienced exponential growth in its workforce, ballooning from a modest team of 40 employees in 2018 to nearly 300 by 2020.

Sal’s visionary leadership has been instrumental in steering NinjaRMM towards success. Not only is the company renowned for its technological prowess, but it is also lauded for its unparalleled ability to address and alleviate customer pain points. By prioritizing innovation and customer-centricity, Sal has cultivated a culture of excellence within NinjaRMM, driving continuous improvement and cementing its position as a market leader in the IT management landscape.

Business Philosophy and Future Outlook

As a technology CEO, Sal not only focuses on product and technology development, but is also personally involved in customer service and team building. He spends a lot of time on the phone with customers, is rare for a technical CEO, and is very involved in the hiring and team-building process. Up 80% year over year and with 25+ open positions, this will not be a company Sal sells before he’s ready.

He believes that continuous learning and timely innovation are the keys to business success. Through continuous exploration and practice, Sal has taken NinjaRMM to a new phase of growth, making it an emerging leader in the market. Sal’s experience proves that he is not just looking for short-term success, but is committed to building businesses that last and have far-reaching impact. His entrepreneurial philosophy and dedication to innovation demonstrate a true entrepreneurial spirit.


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