Reddit Pro launch provides AI insights, publishing and ad engagement features

  • Reddit Pro introduces free tools for businesses to boost their presence on the platform
  • Its new features include AI-powered insights, publishing tools, and seamless ad integration within Reddit.
  • Positive feedback from early adopters underscores the potential of Reddit Pro to drive meaningful brand engagement

The launch of Reddit Pro marks a significant step for the platform, offering businesses valuable tools to enhance their social strategy and engagement. With AI-powered insights, seamless ad integration, and positive early feedback from brands, Reddit is positioning itself as a key player in facilitating organic growth for businesses on its platform.
— Iris Deng, BTW reporter

Reddit has launched a suite of AI-powered insight tools, for no cost, with its Reddit Pro service.

Reddit launched free new tools through Reddit Pro, enhancing the presence of businesses

The popular social platform known for its diverse communities and engaging discussions, has made a strategic move by launching Reddit Pro. It’s a suite of free tools aimed at helping businesses enhance their presence on the platform. This significant development comes as Reddit gears up for its initial public offering (IPO), which is highly anticipated and represents a milestone for the platform. It shows Reddit’s ambition to attract more brands and potentially convert them into paying advertisers.

Right now, Reddit Pro is in the stage of testing, providing a series of functions to promote organic development between enterprises.

“Through Reddit Pro, we’re connecting companies with communities in a mutually valuable way: unmatched insights and tools for enhanced participation from businesses, both organic and paid, which then drives more relevant and valuable experiences for our users,” said Reddit Chief Marketing and Consumer Experience Officer Roxy Young in the company’s announcement post.

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Several advanced and useful features are included in Reddit Pro

As for the details of the new features, a key aspect of Reddit Pro is its AI-powered insights tool, which enables brands to monitor trending topics and conversations related to their specific niche. By tracking mentions of their brand across subreddits, businesses can effectively participate in conversations and connect with both new and existing audiences. These insights not only inform brands of their Reddit presence but also help tailor their engagement strategy for maximum impact.

Moreover, Reddit Pro equips businesses with publishing tools for drafting and scheduling public posts, streamlining the process of contributing to various communities on the platform. Plus, the suite can analyse performance, allowing businesses to evaluate the effectiveness of their organic content and make data-driven decisions to refine their social media strategy.

In addition to these tools, the “promote” button can help brands to extend their reach and amplify their message to a broader audience.

During the testing stage, Reddit Pro got positive responses from over 200 businesses

There have been more than 200 businesses have begun to use Reddit Pro, including Taco Bell, Wendy’s, the NFL, The Wall Street Journal, Kate Somerville, and Atlas Headrest. Reddit found during the early testing that, the brands generated 11 more posts and comments per month through Reddit Pro and got a +35% increase in upvotes of their organic content every month, on average.

“We are thrilled to witness the enthusiasm surrounding Reddit Pro and look forward to rolling out new features that will continue to empower businesses in building meaningful connections with our vibrant community,” the spokesperson remarked.


Iris Deng

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