Panel mode is tested by Valve for Steam Link on Meta Quest

  • The advantage of a panel mode is that it simplifies access to 2D games on Steam and supports passthrough.
  • With the latest beta version of Steam Link for Meta Quest, 2D games can be streamed directly into your environment.

Valve has opened a public beta channel for the beta version, but it has already reached its user limit. With the great convenient progress of Steam Link, the way of people playing games is more streamlined.

–Revel Cheng, BTW reporter

Valve enabled 2D streaming for Steam Link on Meta Quest. Panel mode is tested for Steam Link on Meta Quest. It requires the Public Beta build of the app to try it. 

Stream VR and 2D games: Easier than ever with Steam Link

Steam Link for Meta Quest was released in late 2023 and was the result of a collaboration between Meta and Valve.

With Steam Link for Meta Quest, you can wirelessly stream SteamVR games from your PC to your VR headset over your home Wi-Fi, or enjoy traditional games on a virtual big screen. The app does the same thing as Virtual Desktop and Air Link, but does not require a streamer app on your PC in addition to Steam, making it easier to set up and use.

Previously, Steam Link for Meta Quest would switch to a separate environment similar to Virtual Desktop and Air Link when you wanted to play VR or 2D games. The new beta will apparently allow you to play 2D games in panel mode, which is basically a window in your passthrough view or virtual environment.

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Simplifies access to 2D games

VR enthusiast Brad Lynch pointed out the new feature on Platform X and published a short video showing it in action. Streaming should work from any device that supports Steam Remote Play, according to Lynch, and it should be enough to pair a compatible controller with Meta Quest.

The new panel feature allows you to open a relevant panel and play 2D games in tablet mode. Not only that, but it supports perspective mode, allowing players to use the real world as the backdrop for the tablet game.

The advantage of the panel mode is that it simplifies access to 2D games on Steam and supports pass-through. Hands-on practice must demonstrate the true impact this has on the user experience. With the latest beta version of Steam Link for Meta Quest, there is no need for a streaming app on your PC other than Steam. This move just makes it easier for users to play games, which is intuitively convenient. In the future, with the update of the mode, the user’s experience will get better and better.


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