Qualcomm and Qt to bring Systems on Modules (SoMs) to market

  • Qt Group and Qualcomm collaboration enables hardware vendors to more easily and quickly develop Systems on Modules (SoMs).
  • Qualcomm strongly believes in building an industry ecosystem that enables manufacturers to leverage our chipsets to develop superior hardware and software solutions for vertical markets.

The Qt Group and Qualcomm have declared their partnership to expedite the creation of sophisticated graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and software quality assurance for industrial loT devices. Benefits of the collaboration include faster time-to-market for devices, ease of development of modular systems, and availability of efficient development and testing tools, as well as facilitating coordination between developers and designers and providing developers with off-the-shelf solutions..

Qualcomm and Qt Group join forces

Qt Group and Qualcomm have announced a collaboration that combines Qt’s cross-platform development tools with Qualcomm Technologies’ processors, potentially enabling IoT manufacturers to significantly accelerate the time-to-market of their devices. 

Qualcomm, a major semiconductor manufacturer, has partnered with Qt’s platform to enhance efficiency in developing and testing user interface (UI) solutions. This collaboration also facilitates faster development of Systems on Modules (SoMs), compact computer systems used in embedded electronic devices like robots and security cameras. 

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The path to IoT terminal innovation

Qt, a semiconductor company, has announced that its software development and quality assurance tools can be used by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) accessing Qualcomm’s Qt-supported processors to lower production barriers. Qt’s technologies have a history of implementation across 70 industries, allowing hardware and software vendors to access the necessary UI/UX development and QA tools right out of the box. This allows IoT manufacturers to apply advanced 3D graphics capabilities to device UIs in a lighter package compared to game engines, which often include unnecessary features for IoT GUI development.

Qualcomm Technologies is focusing on creating an industry ecosystem that enables manufacturers to create high-quality hardware and software solutions for vertical markets using their chipsets. Qt Group’s tools aim to improve alignment between developers and designers, enabling cross-platform development of low-powered and embedded devices. This collaboration provides developers with a ready-made solution to build their creative solutions.


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